Monday, January 25, 2016

2016... The Year of Better Health

Doc... you sure I can't walk this off?
Hey there friends.  Let me start off by offering you all an apology.  I haven't been as active as I have hoped and I haven't been as prompt to reply to Emails as I would have liked.  I have plenty of reviews coming in the next few weeks and I'll have plenty of blog posts that are scheduled.  The reason for my lack of involvement has been my shift in focus.  This year... I plan to focus on my health and fitness.  Now... that doesn't mean that I'm going to ignore my online duty as an awesome reviewer and giverawayer of stuffs.  lol  It just means that I'm actually going to spend some time and take care of myself.  I promised my significant other that I'll finally get to it.  I've been one of those that would avoid doctors like the plague and just walk off whatever is ailing me, but there is something that I just couldn't walk off...

Now, a few years back, I noticed a lump in my groin area.  I thought nothing of it.  Weird, now that I think about it since everywhere you turn, you hear that you should check your body for lumps.  Usually, that announcement is followed by the word cancer.  Cancer never crossed my mind.  Not even once.  I paid no mind to it and continued with my life.  Fast forward...  it's still there.  Maybe grew a bit in size, but no pain, no aches, no nothing but a lump in the groin area.  I feel like I could live with it and not have it be a bother in my life.  The wife disagreed.  After much convincing from the wife to go checked out, I decided that 2016 would be the year where I finally will get checked out.  From head to toe.  
Who knew that medicine has advanced far enough to incorporate
black holes in their treatments!
I haven't been to a doctor for an ailment since forever.  Really... I can't remember the last night I went to get checked out.  I'm that horrible.  So it's a bit of a scary thing for me to have to go in there and get all kinds of tests done just to see where I stand. First things first though... get that lump checked and fixed.  So I've been in and out of medical offices for the past month or so and after getting myself scanned and prodded, we're finally getting this lump thing squared away.  It's not the dreaded "C" word that we all fear, but it will require some surgery so I have that to look forward to in the next week or so.  =o/

So there you go, friends.  A quick update. I omitted details cause I figured that no one really wants to know what that lump is.  Or maybe you do... but I'll leave you in suspense!  Maybe it's an alien egg?  Maybe it was that whole turkey I ate during Thanksgiving but got lodged in my body?  Maybe it's Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus setting up shop in my groin?  Who knows!  lol  Take care, friends!  Later!

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