Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Top 5 Facebook Slot Machine Games

Social media has paved the way for social interaction on the Internet in the last couple of years. Led by the largest social network in the world, Facebook, the trend continues to spill onto mobile devices (like Smartphones and tablets) with increased emphasis on providing news, networking and entertainment in equal measure.

Online gaming has always been a part of the social interaction trend so it was only natural for it to become an integral part of social networks. As the largest social network entity of the market, Facebook has a huge number of gambling titles being featured by different software providers. If you are a fan of slots and Facebook and the wonderful combination they make, be sure to check be sure to check www.netentcasinos.online.

They are all represented as part of the platform’s “apps” which you can play directly from your Facebook profile. Here’s a list of the top 5 most popular slots machines:

1. Zynga Slots

One of the oldest and easily most recognizable brand in social media gaming, Zynga have their own version of slots that bears the same name – Zynga Slots. It is a rich video slot experience which boasts excellent graphics and a variety of game modes which you can try for free before committing to real cash. It is one of those games that can be easily played on both your desktop and mobile device, thanks to the responsive design and excellent number of social features like playing with a friend and earning competitive bonuses based on the number of chips you acquire during the week.

2. 3D Slots

Next on our list is the extremely popular 3D Slots app. This Facebook app isn’t just a simple slot game – it is packed with a variety of different slots which you can enjoy depending on your preference (be that a classic 3 reel, 5 reel or other variations). Players are lining up to play 3D Slots for a very simple reason – the huge jackpot set at 1 million coins! Probably should have mentioned these earlier but all games on Facebook are played with coins – the more you earn the greater the reward. This particular slot is also teeming with excellent design and quality animation, not to metion an excellent Weekend Bonus that is handed out each Saturday.

3. Slotsmania

Slotomania is another great slot which you can play on Facebook. This particular iteration of the game boasts some truly amazing graphics, even for a Facebook app. Things heat up really fast once you are logged in to the game client from your desktop or mobile device – the game offers an unparalleled experience with many bonus features as well as socializing options which help you amass a greater amount of coins for your game enjoyment.

4. Lucky Slots

Speaking about enjoyment, Lucky Slots (yet another great variation of the popular casino game) has a whole lot of hidden games and bonuses which you can unlock by progressing through and earning coins. These new game modes often hide a bonus as well as hefty rewards which you can redistribute amongst your Facebook friends or use to recruit new ones. It is a well balanced offering which looks and plays like a real slot machine.

5. myVEGAS Slots

Last but not least, you should check myVEGAS Slots – this slot app won’t really win any beauty contests but it has what very few games offer consistently: a strong and uncompromising game play experience. You want to play slots without being pestered for extra chips or some boring friend invites – then this is the game for you. While it has certainly evolved recently with more features being added, you will find the game still sticks to the basics.

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