Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2014 NFL Week 5 Metal Power Rankings

Hey there.  Week 4 is now in the books and the top 3 teams in my power rankings didn't budge even though they were all on bye weeks.  It just comes to show you that the top 3 are definitely in a class of their own (stunning since the Bengals are right there with the Broncos and Seahawks!)    Last week's games had more stunning upsets!  The Bucs winning over the Steelers?  Who knew?!  The Chiefs putting a beat down on the Patriots!  And the Giants finally getting it together to drop a 40 burger on Washington.  Oh man...  Another great week of games and let's hope for more to come!  I went 3-3 this week.   (19-17 overall).  Still over .500!  lol  Now, on to the rankings!


Rank (Rank Last Week)

1 (1) Seattle Seahawks (2-1)
Seattle SeahawksThe champs had the week off and after all was said and done, still reign supreme in my power rankings.  The Seahawks have yet to fire on all cylinders.  A few mishaps on defense here and a stagnant offensive performance there.  Imagine once they get it all together?  This team is still scary and it will be tough to knock them from their pedestal.    Seattle travels to Washington this week.  Washington has no chance if QB Kirk Cousins plays a mediocre game.  Seahwaks win.

2 (2) Cincinnati Bengals (3-0)
Cincinnati Bengals
The Bengals are looking good... real good.  They have yet to put on a weak performance and that defense is looking better and better each week.  Expect that defense to rattle Tom Brady and the Patriots this week.  Cincy wins.

3 (3) Denver Broncos (2-1)
QB Peyton Manning and the Broncos had the bye week to shake off that tough loss to the Seahawks.  Especially the defense.  The defense got steamrolled by the Seahawks in overtime.  This week, we'll see if they improved when they welcome the Cardinals to Denver.  A tough matchup but Manning will make sure the Broncos come out on top.  Broncos win.

4 (5) Arizona Cardinals (3-0)
Arizona Cardinals
The Cardinals are flying high!  Backup QB Drew Stanton continues to impress.  He is exactly what you want a backup QB to be.  Someone that can step in and keep the ship afloat while your main guy recovers.  Stanton is not flashy, he's not risky, but man is he efficient.  They'll have a tough game against the Broncos this week and the only way the Cardinals win is if Stanton takes a few risks.  I think he will and I think they'll come back and bite the team in the ass.  Cardinals lose this week.

5 (6) San Diego Chargers (3-1)
San Diego Chargers
QB Philip Rivers is having himself a MVP caliber year.  It helps when you go up against a weak defense like the one the Jags have.  Rivers threw for 3 scores and 375+ yards.  WRs Keenan Allen and Eddie Royal both ended up with over 100 yards receiving.  It'll be tough to keep that pace against the Jets, since the Jets running game is sitting near the top of the NFL.  Rivers may not get much time on the field, but I think he'll take advantage when he is.  Chargers win a close one.

6 (4) Philadelphia Eagles (3-1)
Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles gave away the game to the Niners this week.  With 1st and goal at the 1 yard line, how can Eagles RB LeSean McCoy not get the ball?  The Eagles have a great passing game that is fun to watch but when you need a yard, you should have the confidence to hand it off to your stallion of a running back to get it done.  They should have plenty of opportunities to work on the running game this week against the Rams.  Eagles wins.

7 (-) Detroit Lions (3-1)
QB Matthew Stafford is having a great year.  He's limited his risks, limiting his mistakes, and has turned into one efficient QB.  Last week, he threw for 2 scores and ran in for another against the Jets defense.  Even though Megatron didn't have a stellar game, Stafford was able to find the open guy move his Lions to victory.  I expect he continues his winning ways against the Bills.  Lions win.

8 (9) Baltimore Ravens (3-1)
Baltimore Ravens
"Blood and guts everywhere."  That was the line of the week and boy did Ravens WR Steve Smith Sr. deliver.  He slashed and gashed that Panther defense for 130+ yards and 2 TDs!  It could be a one week wonder, though.  I doubt the Ravens will be able to find Smith Sr. as often against the Colts this week.  Ravens lose this week.

9 (-) Green Bay Packers (2-2)
Green Bay Packers
QB Aaron Rodgers and WR Jordy Nelson are beginning to find their stride.  And when you add in WR Randall Cobb to the mix, packers look unstoppable in the air.  They decimated that Chicago defense last week and Rodgers made it look easy.  Expect another day at the office against the Vikings this week.  Green Bay wins easily.

32 (30) Oakland Raiders (0-4)
Oakland Raiders
Back to the cellar of the NFL rankings for you, Raiders!  That was an embarrassing loss to the Dolphins last week.  The Raiders just did not look competitive at all.  After putting in a valiant effort against the Pats the week prior, they lay an egg in London and get killed by the Dolphins 38-14.  This loss cost Raider Coach Dennis Allen his job and Tony Sporano has been named interim coach.  Sporano did a respectable job while the head coach of Miami a few years back but there are already rumors abound that Raiders owner, Mark Davis, wants former Raiders coach Jon Gruden at the helm.  I don't blame him one bit.  Gruden turned the Raiders around in the late 90's with awesome QB Rich Gannon behind center.  Since Gruden left, the Raiders have been abysmal.  We need a coaching change and we need a new philosophy.  I strongly believe that the defensive and offensive schemes that Dennis Allen put in place did not maximize the potential of the Raiders players.  Expect more hiccups from the team.  Especially if Sporano throws out the Allen play book and incorporates new offensive and defensive schemes from the get go.  Good thing they have a bye this week.  They'll need all the extra practice that they can get!!!

Agree or disagree.  Let's hear it in the comments, friends!  Later!


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