Thursday, September 4, 2014

2014 NFL Week 1 Metal Power Rankings

Hey there.  Remember the NFL power rankings that I used to do years back?  Of course you don't.  lol  I started them off and wouldn't even finish the season.  But I'm going to follow through with it this time around.  I love sports and I love football and I watch plenty of football during the season to know a thing or two about ranking the top teams.  So here's the layout that I'll be using... I'll rank the top 9 teams and the Oakland Raiders (yeah... I know... they'll probably won't be in the top 9 but this is my rankings so I'll include them if I want to.  lol).  I'll give a little blurb about this week's matchup and a prediction for the game.  No scores, just straight up who I think will win the game.  I'll keep track of my predictions every week and see how we do at season's end.  New rankings will go up every Tuesday this season (I know today is Thursday, but I decided to bring this back last night) so make sure to come back and see how well I did in predicting the games.  So let's get to it!


Rank (Change)

1 (-) Seattle Seahawks (0-0)
The reigning champs!  They have to start off at number 1.  Russell Wilson and co. will start off the season against the Packers.  This will be tough game but the Seattle D should make enough plays to keep the Packers at Bay.  Much of their defense has remained the same and I expect the same results as last year's game.  Seattle wins this one.

2 (-) Denver Broncos (0-0)
Being in second place can haunt you.  The Broncos learned first hand that defense wins championships so they've worked on their defense this offseason.  Look for Peyton to come out firing and assert the Broncos as the team to beat in the AFC.  This week, Peyton starts the season against his old team, the Colts.  The Colts will play them tough, but Peyton and the Broncos gallop through for the win.

3 (-) Green Bay Packers (0-0)
Aaron Rodgers looks to bounce back from an injury plagued season last year.  The Packers managed to win their division even though Rodgers only played in about half of the games.  Imagine what a healthy Rodgers could have accomplished.  Their first test will be up against the defending champs, the Seahawks.  Eddie Lacy struggles to run the ball in this one, leaving Rodgers to take unnecessary risks.  I see the Pack losing this one.

4 (-) New Orleans Saints (0-0)
Drew Brees is a passing machine.  Year after year he amazes with his passing numbers and this year he has the chance to join the elite 400+ passing TD club.  Especially if rookie Brandon Cooks turns out to be a beast!  Look for the Saints to shoot down the falcons for the win.

5 (-) New England Patriots (0-0)
Can you ever count out Tom Brady?  Regardless of who the Patriots put around him, as long as Tom is still standing, he will find a way to win.  With O lineman Logan Mankins no longer a Patriot, that O line chemistry may show more than a few cracks early in the season.  Not enough for them to fall to the Dolphins in week 1, though.  

6 (-) San Francisco 49ers (0-0)
The 49ers looked abysmal during the preseason.  Cause for panic?  Don't think so.  Colin Kaepernick and 49ers start the season at Jerry's World and go against the DeMarcus Ware(less) Cowboys defense. Kaepernick and Gore should be able to run circles around the Cowboys.  49ers take this one.

7 (-) Philadelphia Eagles (0-0)
Nick Foles has shown that he can run that Chip Kelly hurry up offense.  But for how long?  Rookie QB Blake Bortles looked steller during preseason and if Nick Foles shows any signs of ineptitude, expect Bortles to take over.  Either way, Lesean McCoy will be there to carry the team during any struggles.  I don't see those struggles surfacing during their matchup against the Jaguars.  Eagles soar high for the win.

8 (-) Cincinnati Bengals (0-0)
Andy Dalton has been stellar during the regular season but he just can't seem to pull out that first playoff win.  3 straight playoff appearances and 3 straight first round losses for Dalton.  The "can't win in the playoffs" talk is firing him up and I expect see him and AJ Green burn defenses.  Not this week, though.  A tough matchup awaits this week against the Ravens.  This will be low scoring affair with the Bengals slightly edging the Ravens for the win.

9 (-) Indianapolis Colts (0-0)
Andrew Luck... Andrew Luck... Andrew Luck.  The kid is magic.  The big, he's strong, and he has the accuracy to make defenses pay.  The Colts should be a major player this season in the AFC.  Too bad that their season starts against the master surgeon Peyton Manning.  The Colts defense just ins't strong enough to stop the fire power that the Broncos bring into Indy.  Colts lose this one.

32 (-) Oakland Raiders (0-0)
Year 3 of the Reggie McKenzie era has begun.  This is "the year" where the Raiders are to make their move into relevancy again.  They had the cap space, they had the draft picks, they have the GM to make it happen.  Though the Raiders have picked up big name acquisitions such as Justin Tuck and Maurice Jones Drew, but draft picks Derek Carr and Kalil Mack will be the difference makers.  Can Carr lead the Raiders to victory?  Can Mack make an immediate impact on defense?  The Raiders O line is much improved from last season and Carr has looked stellar during preseason.  With veteran defensive players surrounding him, Mack may end up being the play maker that the Raiders hope for.  Their first test will come up against the Jets at MetLife Stadium.  The Raiders, historically, are awful in the East Coast but I smell an upset.  Carr will make an early mistake or two but he'll shake them off and find Moore or Jones for scores.  The power running of MJD and McFadden will soften that Jets defensive line, allowing the Raiders O line to protect Carr to find the open man.  I smell an upset.  Raiders manage to win on a last minute Janikowski field goal.

Agree or disagree.  Let's hear it in the comments, friends!  Later!


  1. Seattle beat the 49ers in the NFC Championship game to get to the Superbowl, not the packers.... I hope they lose, Fuck Seattle and the packers... Lol

  2. As much as it pains me to say, Seattle beat the 49ers in the NFC championship game to go to the Superbowl, not the packers... Fuck both of those teams tho... Lol. I hope they both lose... Lol

  3. Yeah, you are right Juan. I'll correct that. Thanks for heads up. Nevertheless, should be a good game tonight and we'll see if the 49ers can shake off that awful preseason.


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