Monday, July 7, 2014

Rosetta Translation for all of Your Global Communication Needs

Business Translations
Hey there.  Business communications is a global market these days.  Even though business savvy people say that English is the language of business, you will still come across more than a few business partners that never learned the language.  For example, at my day job, I'm a credit manager and I deal with many contacts throughout the world.  Approx. 90% of them speak English but there is a client here and there that do not.  I have been fortunate to be able to speak the non English language but what if I didn't?  What if I couldn't communicate with our client?  The business relationship would deteriorate, Sales would suffer, and I could potentially lose the company a lot of money for not being able to communicate well with the client.  Avoid miscommunication with business contacts by using Rosetta Translation!

Rosetta Translation is a translation service that will provide excellent translation services to companies worldwide.  Do you need financial statements translated?  How about a legal or medical document?  Or maybe standard everyday communication?  Rosetta Translation has more than qualified experts that will translate, edit, and proofread to assure that you are getting the most accurate translation possible.  Also, any document that is translated by Rosetta Translation may be certified, legalized, or notarized to meet your needs.  Any company that is willing to do that is clearly showing you that they are standing by their documents!

Considering that I work in a melting pot of diversity, there is always someone that can speak the language that is needed, but not every company is that diversified.  If you are in need of translation services, do not make the mistake of translating it yourself.  You are a professional and your correspondence to business contacts should reflect that.  Do not take the chance of losing business because of miscommunication!  Check it out for yourself and get a free quote online or visit one of their offices in London, Shanghai, New York, Paris, or Luxembourg!  Later!

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