Monday, September 30, 2013

Get An Awesome VISA Debit Card at

The Walking Dead Themed VISA Debit Cards from
Tough choice... these are all awesome!
Hey there. How many of you have a debit or credit card? Just about all of you, right. And I bet it's a standard bank issued card, right? Just the same old standard bank design. If you're lucky, the banks offer debit and credit cards in different colors but that's IF you're lucky. If you're anything like me, you like to express yourself.  Whether it be through the music I listen to, the clothes that I wear, or the tattoos that I sport.  Whatever it is, I want it to show my personality.  So why not do the same with your debit/credit card?  Well guess what?  I DID!  Our good friends at walked me through the process of getting a a VISA debit card that screams me.  Just look at the some of the card options above.

That's right!  That's a debit card with The Walking Dead theme.  How freakin' awesome is that?!  It was a tough choice from the 4 above but I went with the iconic scene where Rick is riding to Atlanta.  It's just too awesome to pass up.  And the best part is that you are not limited to just The Walking Dead themed cards.  There are THOUSANDS of different themes to choose from so you will find one that suits your personality.  It's extremely easy to sign up and easy to get started.  This is a VISA debit card so you will be able to use it wherever VISA is accepted.  Loading up your card is easy too.  You can load it up with your paycheck using direct deposit through your employer, cash with Western Union, purchasing a MoneyPak, transfer funds from Paypal, or transfer funds from your bank.   Even though the cool factor of this card is over 9000, there are some practical reasons why you may want to pick one up.

If you are worried about internet security, you may want to consider picking up one of these VISA debit cards from when purchasing items online.  Because loading up the card must take place BEFORE you can use it, you can load up your awesome VISA debit card with the amount that you need for your purchase.  This eliminates the damage that you can take if by chance your debit card number has been compromised.  When the card reaches a $0 balance, it DOES NOT automatically deposit funds to cover expenses so you do not have to worry about a thief taking all of your money or charging up an insane credit card bill.
I love the comic style look of this card.

Another great aspect about this card is budgeting.  Have you gotten into credit card trouble before?  I know I have.  By getting a VISA debit card by, you can load up the card with what your budget allows.  If you're going Christmas shopping and you know that you only have a budget of $200, then load up with $200 and use your card to do the shopping.  Because the card will not allow you to go over your $200 budget, you'll know that you'll stick to it and not get into credit card debt.  It's a great way to stick to a budget and a great way to learn to be responsible with a card.  And once again, because it's a VISA debit card, you can use it anywhere that VISA is accepted!  And speaking of responsibility...

Remember when we were kids and our allowance was a only a few bucks and we would spend it on ice cream or candy or whatever else was in the corner store?  Well... you don't see many kids doing that anymore.  You know where their money goes?  It goes to online shops like Amazon, Ebay, Steam, and any other website that sells "cool stuff."  My kids constantly ask me to buy them a game online or to get a trinket here and there from Amazon.  "I'll give you the money", or "Take it out of my allowance", is common is our household when they want to buy something online.  What if we can use these awesome themed debit cards as a way to teach our youth fiscal responsibilties?  You can load up thier allowance on the card and they are free to spend it as they see fit.  If they need cash, they can withdraw money from thier account at any Moneypass ATM, free of charge.  It's almost as if they have their own bank card but you, the parent, are the banker and can monitor how much cash is deposited into the account.  It think it's a great idea and plan to implement it once my son hits 15 years old.  In my opinion, that's a great age to start teaching him to be responsible with money.

Even though the card is free, there is a $5.95 monthly maintenance fee if you do not deposit a set amount of money into the card.  That's the only downside that I see with these great VISA debit cards but a small price to pay for security and financial responsibility.  Make sure you check out the website for thier full disclosure and terms and conditions.  I think it's a great service and a great card.  Now excuse me while I take my The Walking Dead VISA debit card and buy me some stuffs.  Later!

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