Sunday, September 18, 2011

Find A Great Connection on the Go with the MeetMoi Android App

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of MeetMoi for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Hey there.  I was asked to do a review of the MeetMoi Android app for people looking to meet up with singles in their area.  Whether it be for a friendly drink or to seriously get to know each other better.  As most of you know, I'm already taken so I couldn't really test drive this firsthand.  BUT, with the aid of my awesome friends, I have more than enough to give you what I think of the app and whether or not it will be helpful in finding a great match.  Especially since my friends have a very specific interests and qualities that they are looking for.

First off, many of my single friends are signed up on online dating sites.  Especially those in the gaming and tech industry.  They travel so much that they figured a little online help would increase their chances with finding someone with similar tastes.  The problem is that you need to be in front of a computer to get the full benefits of the site.  That's not the case with MeetMoi.  With MeetMoi, the application automatically updates your location and, based on your preferences, will find a match and send you an alert.  It'll be up to you whether you would like to chat or meet up with the person.  Of course, you're not at the mercy of the application's suggestions, you can freely browse other users and chat with whomever you choose.
All my friends loved the easy to use interface and it merely simplified and improved their experiences.  A friend mentioned how she recently was at a gaming convention and even though there are many people
with the overall love for gaming there, she felt that she met a few "duds" and she felt that if she had known about MeetMoi, she would have had the chance to chat and screen the guys before she actually met up with them as opposed to walking up to someone to say hi and be stuck in an awkward conversation.  So far, the people that she had a chat with on MeetMoi have been good matches and she feels like these matches could go places.  Strong friendships, or maybe even more.
If this app can work for a tech savvy, gaming loving, anime watching, nerdlike awesome friend of mine, it will definitely help find a match for any other combination of interests that is out there.  You'll never know until you have given it a shot.  Who knows, that pretty smile that just walked by you could also love Magic: The Gathering, just as much as you.  Give MeetMoi a try and find out!  Later!
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