Thursday, October 21, 2010

At the Fair Instead of by the Camp Fire

Guest post written by Martin Smith

My favorite part of going on camping trips with my dad and then with the Boy Scouts for the short few years that I was a part of them, was when we would make smores over the camp fire. They're just so good that over the years I've even made them in my own microwave but it jsut really isn't quite the same as making them over the campfire, though. So when I heard that you could get deep fried smores at the state fair.

I looked up some info about the state fair with my Clear Wireless Internet after I decided to go to it when I heard about the fried smores.

But when I finally got to the fair and got my hand on some fried smores, it was a little bit different than I had expected it. You really couldn't taste the graham cracker in it, I guess that the deep fried part of it kind of overpowered that part of it, but I really did like it.

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