Thursday, October 14, 2010

Penis Pictures: Are they Flattering?

Great football legend?  Or biggest d**k ever?
Hey there. There has been much talk about Brett Favre in regards to pictures that he allegedly sent to a Jets "game day host." Now, these were no ordinary pictures. They were of his penis. Now... for those of you that don't know, Brett Favre is considered a legend in football circles everywhere. The man has played the game for 20 some odd years and he's considered a man's man. It's hard not to root for him when he plays the game by his rules and by his own style. So, when something like this surfaces, does it tarnish his reputation? Or do we just look the other way and see how it all plays out? The NFL commissioner is conducting an investigation but it begs to ask the question on how meaningful the investigation will be.

Victim? Or pathological liar?
First off, the woman claiming the sexual harassment claims that it happened back in 2008. Now... I have a problem with this. Let's say Favre did send her his "magic stick" in the form of picture messages. Why didn't she say something then and there? Why wait 2 years to pass by before anything is mentioned? If the woman really felt harassed in any way, wouldn't she have brought it to somebody, anybody's attention? Did the woman admire what she got and then someone told her that she should say something?  Was a penis picture not that a big a deal to her that she simply kept the picture and placed in on the backburner for later viewing pleasure?  Or did she keep the picture and decided that one day, when she's done messing with Favre, she'll burn him by claiming she was appalled by the unflattering picture?   There's a lot of gray areas in this case.

Then there's Brett Favre. Now, the man is not really known for doing anything of this sort. Especially since he's been married to high school sweetheart (I think) since forever. He's been known to pop more than a few pain killers but he's no Big Ben. His past is not littered with sexual encounters of any kind and it's tough to say that he did this act.

Sexiest reporter ever?
If Brett Favre is found guilty, the man is an idiot. If he's not, it's going to raise questions on whether or not female "game day hosts" should be allowed in locker rooms and what not. We've already had allegations against the Jets (is there a pattern here?) where a female reporter claims that the Jets team harassed her with cat calling and the like. This is a sticky situation and all allegations should be taken seriously, but how much credibility can be given to these women when one of them flaunts the title of "sexiest sports reporter" and the other decides to wait 2 years before deciding that she's offended? Tough case, commissioner Goodell. Good luck. Later!


  1. I didn't know the full story, but it sounds like she kept it for future reference, so she could fuck with him. All I see this as, is a publicity stunt because she's a god damn attention whore. Same with the slutty reporter who dresses provocative and acts like she's the victim when the Jets players whistle.

    Please bitches, get over yourselves.

  2. What up Jenn,

    I'm glad to see that there are some women that are willing to call out the "bitches". I've heard from several females that all the guys are 100% wrong in the above examples and should be prosecuted for their actions. I say that if you're asking for attention, you're going to get it. Later!

  3. I honestly don't think those pics were of Favre's equipment. Looked too "young".

  4. Hey there Shelly,

    I'll be honest... I haven't bothered to look for those pics. I don't want to see anyone's "equipment". lol I'll just take your word for it. Later!

  5. This sort of behavior totally disgusts me. I am sick and tired of women acting like victims when something of this nature occurs. I have a hard time believing that (1) Favre sent her those pictures and (2) if he did, two years ago, that this wench didn't see dollar signs in her future. How many people do you know - in real life - who have something happen to them AND WAIT TWO FRIGGIN YEARS TO COMPLAIN ABOUT IT? Duh....NOBODY! Normal people when they are affronted or disgusted with something will comment, complain, raise holy hell RIGHT THEN AND THERE. The wench needs to crawl back under the rock she was under and forget about her 15 minutes of fame - which she should have claimed 2 years ago if the case had any merit!!!!

  6. Hey there Kim,

    I'm all for equality and what not, especially in the work place, but this may be a case where women are using their sexuality to lure men and then screw them over. Men are at fault for being stupid and women are at fault for crying wolf.