Monday, June 8, 2009

A Busted Laptop Cord

Hey there. Saturday night, I discovered that the AC adapter for the laptop has finally given up. We've noticed that it had bite marks (I'm looking at you, JACK!) and it has been faulty these past couple of weeks. You had to bend and twist the cord in weird ways to get it to work. Well, all the bending and twisting couldn't fix it anymore. What a bummer too. I tend to do my "online work" after dark. I'll get through the dropping and adgitize browsing during that time so that I can spend the day doing what I want and not be bogged down to doing that kinda work through the day. I know that it used to get on my wife's nerves that when I would do it during the day. It would be Saturday morning and there I am, in front of the comp, doing work. I might as well get it out of the way and once my wife hits the sack, I'll log on and get some work done.

I checked out Ebay this morning to see if I can find a replacement and I'm glad that I was able to find one for $2. I bought it and it's going to ship from CA so I should be getting it fairly quickly. Until then, I'll probably go back to doing work on the desktop. Which is not bad, but I've gotten spoiled by the laptop. I can lie in bed, next to wife, watch TV, and get work done all at once. Ugh... Later.

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