Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Be SOGO Active and Win a Chance to be an Olympic Torchbearer

Hey there friends. I love the Olympics. I may not always agree with the games, but I love the fact that there is world wide stage where the best athletes of every country gather and compete against one another. The Olympics is where race does not matter and nationality and pride reign supreme. The majority of us were not blessed with top notch athletic ability and we may never get a chance to experience the Olympics as an athlete. But all is not lost!

Coca Cola's SOGO Active program is offering the chance to be one of 1000 torchbearers for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics in Canada. Imagine being rewarded for playing football, hockey, running, soccer, and other great sports? Not only that, but cardio and weight training as well? So, how do you enter for your chance to be a part of history? You simply sign up at SOGO Active and commit to a healthy and active lifestyle. It's that simple.

So even though you may not be the most athletic person in your community, take pride in the fact that you have committed to a healthy lifestyle. Who knows, you may be the one that is selected to proudly represent your country as a torchbearer for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Live healthy, be active, and good luck!


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