Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finding the Perfect Location for Your Home

Hey there.  When we first started house hunting, we put some serious thought into whether or not we were going to stay in Los Angeles.  Not because we don't like it, but because the real estate here is so expensive.  We looked into some ocean side locations in San Diego, we looked into homes in the Orange County area, and we even went out of state and checked out the Sacramento area.  We ended up, in what is our home, in Long Beach, California but not after we did our home work and checked many places out.

When considering to buy a home, price is not the only thing you should account for.  Are you looking at a house as an investor?  Something that you plan on living in only for a short period of time before you are ready to sell.  Are you looking at a house as a permanent resident?  Someone that is not looking for a house but looking for a home.  A place where they can raise a family and live out their years.  It's something to definitely take your time to consider the options.

So, are you guys home owners? What did you guys take into consideration before saying, "this is the house for us."  I'm curious to hear if every one had that "this is it" moment.  It sure felt that way with us.  Let me know.  Later!

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