Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm Heading to Phoenix

Hey there. I'm off to Phoenix, AZ for a credit conference later this week. I'll be in the Phoenix area most of Thursday and Friday, coming back home on Friday evening. I've never been to Phoenix so I'm excited about visiting a new city. One of the perks of my job (Sr. Credit Analyst/Credit Manager) is that I've been asked to attend credit conferences/meetings. I've been fortunate to be sent to New Orleans, New York City, and San Diego. San Diego shouldn't count, since that's just a car drive away, but still, it make me feel somewhat important to represent our company at these meetings.
I was hoping to catch some sight seeing, as I did in New York and New Orleans, but to be quite honest with you, I'm not exactly sure what I can see or do in Phoenix. My brother suggested seeing the "Shaqtus". lol I would if I could find it, but if I remember correctly, only Shaq knows where it is and I doubt I'll be running into Shaq on the streets of Phoenix. lol

I don't know any people in the area and I don't believe any one that I know have visited the area. I'll try to spend some time later to day to find a good restaurant or something to check out. If you guys are from the area, let me know what's good out in Phoenix. Local knowledge is a lot better than online information.  Later!


  1. I'm sorry, I can't remember any good places to eat (or just visit) in Phoenix, but what I do remember from the times I visited the city while I was truckin' to and fro was that grass sure looked out of place there. Trees--even more so.

  2. Hey there Hawk,

    Yeah, that's what I hear about the land of Phoenix. So... I guess that if I see anything green, I'll take a picture of it. lol Grass and trees seem to be scarce there so it should be well worth the photo. lol

  3. Phoenix???
    We're thinking about moving to Phoenix. What's the lifestyle like in Phoenix?What are some big companies to work for in Phoenix? What's the city like?