Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Do Not Eat At Dominos Pizza!!!

Hey there. You know, there has been some negative publicity on Dominos Pizza. Mostly, because of those two dumb asses that defiled food in ways that I care not see. But you figure, it's an isolated incident and it's probably not going to happen again since those employees were fired. WRONG!!! A coworker ordered herself some Dominos stuffs and what do you know... They fed her neglected food that was moldy. MOLDY!!! You know that can make you extremely sick! Them bastards. I say, that unless they shape up, we not buy from them any longer. If moldy dough is hanging out in California, what makes me believe that it's not moldy over in New York? Or Georgia? Or Washington? Hell with that! I want to feel comfortable when I eat out and right now, Dominos does not make me comfortable...


Ohh. That's very poor service on part of Dominos. Imagine if the coworker had actually eaten that!!

Um, I'll eat, but won't pay for it. With all the swine flu around, a little penecillin with your food won't hurt.

After working in the restaurant business on and off for over 10 years, I have a very hard time eating out. I know what goes on in the kitchens.

Holy crap man! That's just unacceptable.

Eeew! You should sue them!

Oh shit!!
What a shit...
Stupid thing to do! I also know a few stories from my hometown that retaurants have had some odd things with the food..
And when the word goes around you know what people do.. they wont go there anymore!!
So not so very wise things to do.

Glad we don't have a Dominoes close to us! Sad, because they used to be very good a lonhg time ago.

that's just gross!

I would definitely be raising a stink over that one

that is horrible!
well i dont really buy dominos or carls jr, i heard from a teacher that they found or help out the minute men. i forgot the exact details though.
but yea. fast food is just i dont know hard to trust now a days.

Wah! Totally unacceptible! Fast foods can't be trusted nowadays, although I have to admit some of their foods are "chemically" delicious. :D

Ugh. Definitely glad that I'm a supporter of local pizza chains right now. Peppino's and Tony's FTW.

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