Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hell's Kitchen

Hey there. Man, am I glad this show is back. I've watched the 3 previous seasons and I thought they were great. Funny how you get into a "cooking" show. lol But this Ramsey guy really knows how to turn on the fire. lol

Season opener was last night. Great idea to have the chef disguise himself so that he can be among the contestants. So they are all chillin' on a bus talking shit and Ramsey is taking it all in. Some of the comments made included this one dude saying he's the "Black Gordon Ramsey" (which is a complete joke) and this other dude with this ridiculous hat saying he's gonna shove it into Ramsey. lol

After the Jean Philippe welcomes them he asks them to put on their best Ramsey impressions. They all sucked. Then Ramsey revealed himself and half the contestants started shitting bricks. He asked them to make their "specialty dish" which sucked, but this one dude decided to mix caviar and chocolate. Bad decision dude, the first time ever, you see Ramsey upchuck that junk into a bin. That's highlight footage right there. lol

Dinner service was no better. Not a single entree was served. Not one! They even struggled to get the appetizers out and these people were supposed to be the best of the best. Blue team didn't do shit. Black Ramsey was the leader and he didn't "want to dig right in" and do something about sinking ship. Then to top it off, one of the guys, I think his name was Jason, was off smoking and picking at his feet BEFORE he rushed into the kitchen to cook. What the hell was that!?!?! I didn't see that guy go into a restroom to wash up. He was all cooking and touching food with his foot fungus all over his hands. Man, that ain't right.

It wasn't until the little dude came into play and manned the ship that the blue team got "rolling". Least they got a few appetizers out... BUT the guests were already out the door. It was funny cause Jean Phillipe was got to the table with the food and he looked around and they were gone. lol I'd be pissed too if I waited 3 hours for dinner and I all I had was complimentary bread. Fuck that. I'd be over at the local fast food joint after waiting for 1 hour!!!! You don't mess with a man and his food. lol

Least the ladies (red team) did better. After some mini chaos and switching of the stations, the ladies were able to get some appetizers out but again, not a single entree was served. If the ladies need to be burned on something, it was the fact that they all let this one woman cook some eggs and they were pretty pathetic looking and while attempting to cook an entree, someone cooked a "rubber chicken" and that bird was chucked up against a wall. lol

After all that, it was no surprise the loser of the losers was the blue team. Little dude had to pick 2 nominees and he chose Black Ramsey and this other guy that I don't even remember being part of the show. lol Guess that's why he was the one that was ultimately eliminated.

It's still early in the show and I have no favorites to win yet. I am fond of the black woman on the show. I think her name is Jen. She's a cool cat and she brings personality to the kitchen and if it wasn't for her, the show would have been pretty blah since everyone seemed to be like shy mice. Hopefully, next week's show will be better.

I'm staying away from flaming pitch forks... Until then, later.

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