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Monday, October 3, 2022

The Otaku Box - July 2022

The Otaku Box Items June 2022
Hey there. The July Otaku Box is here!!! Actually... it's been here... I just haven't had a chance to take pics and post. you all know... I sure do love me some anime stuff and I'm just so glad that I get a box of quality otaku goodies each month. This month's goodies include items from awesome anime such as: Black Clover, No Game No Life, Konosuba, and My Hero Academia. So let's dig into The Otaku Box - July 2022 Edition and get a closer look at what's inside.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

The Otaku Box - May 2020 Items

May 2020 The Otaku Box Items
The May 2020 Otaku Box is here!

Hey there. I received my May Otaku Box a little on the late side. We are now in August and I just received it yesterday!  YIKES! It's ok, though. This box was caught in the middle of shipping during a COVID issue so it's understandable that some shipments will be getting here a bit late. Good thing that our good friends at The Otaku Box have jumped on the shipping issues and have done their best to fix it. So much so that I should be getting my July box either today or tomorrow. A mere 2 weeks after shipping. YES! So without any more delay, let's dig in The Otaku Box - May 2020 Edition and let's see what we got!