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Friday, May 31, 2013

Organization has Never Been Easier with a Brother P Touch Labeler

Hey there.  Wow... what a month it's been!  I started off this month with a project in mind:  get that garage all sorted out and organized.  I made mention how the garage is in total shambles!  How can it not be?  With 4 active kids constantly going in and out and placing their stuff all over the place it's a definitely a challenge to keep it all in order.  I used the Brother P Touch Labeler as my guide to get things in order.  Everything from bins to shelves were laveled and organized.  In the end, organization is a lot better and a lot easier.  It's still not 100% where I would like it be, but I think that's because it's just going to take the family some time to getting used to putting things where they belong!  lol  So, here are some of my thoughts of the Brother P Touch Labeler!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Time to Tackle Organization with a Brother P Touch Labeler

Hey there.  It's time to tackle the garage.  Spring cleaning season is in full effect and Summer is just around the corner.  That means that stuff needs to be cleaned and organized because once Summer rolls around, everyone is going to be looking for their Summer stuff.  Whether that be the slip and slide, summer toys, the cooler, or the beach chairs.  Our Summers in Southern California are usually spent at the beach and, though it's one great time for the family, getting all of our stuff ready for the trip never is.  "Mom, where is my football!"  "Dad, I can't find the cooler!"  "Mommy, where is my water gun?!"  If you're a parent, you know the drill.  Nobody can find anything when it's time to go.  But you know what?  That's not going to happen this year.  We're prepared.  Well... at least we're going to be.  Thanks to our good friends at Mom Central, we have obtained Brother P Touch Labeler!  I know it's not a miracle worker, but it's going to make our lives a lot easier!  Let me explain.