Thursday, September 23, 2021

Excellent Topwater Fishing Lures for the Fishing Enthusiast

Fishing at Lake Cachuma California
The young man finally can fish on his own!

Hey there. This past year or so has been pretty hard to get out and about. Pandemic restrictions have really hampered what what kind of activities our family can partake in. One of the few activities that have not really be affected by restrictions is camping and fishing so I told myself, why not hit up Lake Cachuma for some camping and fishing. I was really looking forward to some fishing. Especially since our good friends at Hefulland provided me with some Topwater Fishing Lures to try out! 

I love fishing and in recent years, I've tried to get the kids to join in. Now, fishing tests patience and as we know... many kids don't have much of that. lol So I end up spending more time fixing broken fishing lines, untangling lines, and what not for the kids instead of me doing any actual fishing. Cause, you know... that's the kinda guy I am. Luckily, my youngest son has gotten to the point where he has picked up the basics of fishing and no longer needs me to, "fix", his fishing line so we actually spent some time fishing.

Now, Lake Cachuma is known for having trout, blue gill, anglers, and bass. We've managed to catch trout and blue gill in the past but I was really hoping to snatch up a bass or two. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to secure a boat to go out near the damn, where bass fishing is best, but that didn't stop me from at least testing out the new fishing lures!

Lake Cachuma Fishing
Time to give these awesome looking lures a try

These topwater fishing lures are pretty awesome. They come in packs of tree and have 2 treble hooks on them. Now let me tell you... these hooks are SHARP! You need to be real careful with them because they get caught on everything! I was walking around with one on my line (shouldn't be doing that) and I got it caught in my shirt, my shorts, a branch, and eventually, my finger. lol I strongly suggest that you keep these lures in your tackle box until you are ready to attach and bait your line. 

And speaking of sharp, these lures look amazing! So life like and so real looking. Especially when they are in the water. They shine and glisten like fish and because the lures have mini propellers on them, it gives the impression that the lures are swimming through the water. Real cool and really awesome to see. 

Fishing Lure in Water
Just look at how lifelike these lures look!
After casting a few lines and see how well the lures soar through the air... I'v come to the conclusion that I am not giving these lures justice by using them in shallow waters. These are definitely more effective in deep water fishing and I'm planning on going back and securing a boat to fish in deeper waters. But if you are in need of some great looking topwater fishing lures, you can pick up three of these bad boys for under $20 at Amazon (Link below). If you hurry and get 'em now, you might still be able to pick up that 20% discount that is currently being offered on this item. Hurry friends, and let my good friends at Hefulland know that Metallman sent ya. Happy fishing! Later!!!

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