Thursday, June 10, 2021

Fanduel NBA Winner 06.09.21

Hey there friends. So last night one of my NBA lineups came in first place! Too bad that I wasn't the only one, it seems. lol In this contest, 1st place is set to win $400 but because there were so many players tied for first, including myself, we had to split the winnings. So... my win ended up being $2.51 for first. But NEVERTHELESS, it is a first place win and it feels good to know that the lineups I create are good enough to be at the top!

Keep in mind that this win came in the nickel. If this lineup is to be used at some of the higher stakes contest, it could have brought home a bigger win! Just saying, friends. I'm only sharing wins where I come in first or where I end up with a 4 figure win. If interested in obtaining some of my lineups, why don't you head on over to my coffee page for more details. Thanks for the support, friends, and good luck!

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