Friday, March 19, 2021

How to Use Google Search Console to Grow Your Blog

Google Search Console

Hey there. If you have a blog and you might be blogging about or football news, surely the aim is to get more traffic. Growing your blog traffic is a good way that you can use to grow your blogging experience and generate income. 

The million-dollar question is, what is the most effective way of growing your blog traffic? Well, you might have tried all kinds of platforms to make sure that your blog can generate traffic, but the only tool that can be useful is the Google Search Console. 

How to Add Your Blog to Google Search Console 

First, you need to sign in to GSC, using your Google account. From there you will get an option, to ADD A PROPERTY. 

However, if you already have a Google Search Console account, simply click on your website URL that will appear in the top-left corner, there you will select ADD A PROPERTY. At the same time, you will also need to add a variation of your website. 

Most of the time, it will ask you to verify your website, simply select the HTML tag option and then copy the code. 

Thereafter, you then need to paste the code into the Yoast SEO Plugin. This is available in General>Webstmaster Tools as well as in the Google Verification Code section. Save changes after that. 

What Data Can you Find on Google Search Console

Once you complete setting up your account in Google Search Console then you should be able to see your site performance screen. 

The performance section will show you the pages and what keywords your website ranks for in Google. This is a very important section since it will improve your SEO and grow your traffic very quickly even if key words are online casino games for real money.

Above all, you should also not forget to add a site map to the GSC, that way Google would know what your site is all about. 

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