Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The DragonCast, A Dragonblogger Podcast, Lives On

The DragonCast Podcast by Dragonblogger
The DragonCast returns and has a pretty awesome logo, if I do say so myself!
Hey there. I'm on a mission to get back into the game. Back into my Metallman persona. It's been far too long since I've been at the keyboard getting a blog post together. But that's not the only thing that I haven't done for some time. I haven't gone behind the mic and get a podcast going. It's been about 5 years, actually. It was something that I really enjoyed and thought that I would be able to get back into once I settle into things. Luckily, my good friend Brian, the team at Dragonblogger, and I got together and have resurrected The DragonCast Podcast. Yeah! And it feels as if we just picked up right where we left off!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with my podcasting history, I've dabbled in podcasting for quite some time, co-hosting with my pal Brian, from Indiana. We tried our hand at a video game podcast, Get a Life, and then went on to co-host The DragonCast. However, we couldn't get the timing right and we couldn't keep the consistency going. Life happened and after awhile, the podcasts just stopped. Fast forward 5 years and BOOM! We're back, talking about tech, gaming news, and entertainment. We'll occasionally have other topics too, but one thing is for sure, we'll be having a good time. 

I'm glad that I'm back on the podcasting game. It's keeping me on a schedule and I feel that it will help me feed my blog. For the past few years I've sporadically updated with a review here or there or an entertainment post, but nothing consistent. I just wasn't feeling the jive. But now... it's different. Believe it or not, The DragonCast has been a consistent weekly podcast for the past 2 months or so and it's been doing relatively well. Some of our podcasts are audio only while others, with guests, have been video podcasts. We've had a few guests and it's been a ton of fun doing video. My wife makes an unexpected appearance in one of them! Bonus points for the ones that can spot her! lol  

Now... mind you, there are still a few kinks to work out. Our sound and video hasn't been the best but we are working on fine tuning those kinks to get the best show out there. I would appreciate if you'd take a moment to check it out and then let me know what we can do to improve. 

That's all for now, guys. I'll keep you guys updated on any announcements and what not. But until then, check out the DragonCast podcast on SoundCloud, iTunes, YouTube, and all sorts of other social media channels that I am forgetting at the moment. lol Take care, friends, and I'll check back with you soon. Later!

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