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Reasons To Be A Gamer

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Gaming is a very popular activity, with over 1.2 billion worldwide regular gamers making up the community. Some choose to play their games online, while more than half of all games will play on PC to play their favorite games, and others who chose to use their games consoles.

Games come with adventure, competition through leveling up, the creation of stories and new worlds, and the earworms from the music that come with them.

If you grew up with Super Mario, Zelda, Crash Bandicoot, and Tomb Raider, you know the sense of adventure that comes with them. So, as well as the nostalgic feelings that leave a gamer enthralled by them, there are many more benefits to sitting down and playing a game (or 2, or 3 get the idea!)

You Get a Better Memory

You know all of those mini-games where you have to remember what picture is hidden behind a card? Or recall patterns or puzzles? As well as being a lot of fun, or being a way to gain a new life on bigger games, really our brains were being tested and trained. This not only helps to remember things but also trains our brains to recall things faster than the average person who has not played them. Pretty cool, huh?

Reflex City

In the gaming world, having fast reflexes is often a matter of life and death. You come across a banana skin on Mario Kart? You better swoop away from that bad boy in order to keep your place.

You hesitate in battle- you’re dead.. Anybody who has played any fighting game at all knows that.

Even in the old arcade games, your timing has to be impeccable. You don’t switch your piece around to fit in the right slot on Tetris, you’re set to lose that round.

Timing is Everything!

Who Says Women Are Better at Multitasking? Gamers are!

Due to the two points above- gamers who have advanced reflexes and memory skills are more likely to be better at multitasking- FACT!

Aside from the fact that working on multiple screens allows you to find the hidden seeds for Minecraft 1.14 at the same time as completing your Math homework, it also requires laser-sharp focus on multiple things at a time- increasing brain productivity--- ok, that may be less of factual, but we’ll run with it anyway….

The Desire to Achieve Completion

Ever get annoyed with your significant other for not finishing a task? Not likely with a gamer! Games come with a percentage meter for completion showing how much has been achieved- each task completed gets the player a little closer to 100%.

Humans have a desire to complete things and for closure, and like this, gamers have the same desires, but with an added need to do things perfectly- to gain a perfect score. There’s nothing worse for a gamer to have completed a game, but only have 75% completion due to not doing it perfectly.

Gaming helps to unleash the competitive nature to want to complete things.

You Get Better Vision Sense

You take one look back at OG Tomb Raider to see how much better the graphics have gotten in a reasonably short amount of time--although many gamers will still have a soft spot for retro 8-bit style and arcade games with minimal graphics and catchy music. Vision sensory is such a key element of gaming, gamers are more likely to pick up on visual cues quickly. It becomes a well-practiced habit to interpret this visual information thus increasing the brainpower. This can make gamers quick to see and understand what is going on around them- now doesn’t that sound intelligent?

It’s a Guaranteed Stress-Reliever

‘I swear, you are the reason I game!’ can be seen as a massive compliment- it isn’t. Not always. When work or school is frustrating, killing zombies, or winning races can be the perfect way to get rid of pent up frustration. Even better when you’re allowed to re-name all of the characters and you get to name the enemies the same as people who frustrated you that day and you get to wipe them off the digi-planet- evil laugh-

On a less violent note, playing passive games that distract the mind somewhat helps to relieve stress from school, work or money woes.

There are so many reasons its good to be a gamer, and in our opinion, life is way too short to exist in one stress filled world- Why not escape for a while?

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