Wednesday, March 13, 2019

4 Fun Date Night Options

date night
Hey there.  Spending a day or evening out with that special someone may be the highlight of your week. Whether you've been out only once or twice or married for years, date nights give couples the chance to escape the normalcies of home and connect. If you are tired of the same dinner and a movie type of nights, you're in luck because below are four fun date night options you may not have thought of.

1. Take In a Dinner Show

Murder Mystery
Put a new spin on eating out by going to a dinner theater. Look in your area for options available like murder mystery plays with meals in south florida or musical revues. These immersive shows typically require audience participation and some may seem all too real. If you want to have something to talk about for a few days, give it a shot.

2. Escape the Room

Escape Room
One of the most popular group outings recently has been escape rooms. These themed, fully-interactive puzzle rooms are full of detail and require a high level of teamwork. Whether you opt for a cozy attempt with just the two of you or you are jammed in with a group, the hour-long game may bring you closer together. You may learn a thing or two about how your significant other's brain works.

3. Paint a Picture

couples painting
Paint by numbers gets a little jazzed up these days with paint shops and ceramic galleries offering date-night offerings. In these settings, you will follow along as a guide gives you all the instruction you need to paint a picture on canvas. On date night events, some shops have a single portrait for you to share in painting or complimentary offerings to give you two different pieces to bring home and display.

4. Strike a Pose

Boudoir Couples  Photography
Want to get closer as a couple and have something to look back on? One of the hottest trends for dates is a couple's boudoir photo session. In this setting, a photographer will direct the couple to engage in intimate poses, often allowing them to do what they would typically do at home. People who have attended such a shoot come away from it saying they feel reconnected with their partner. It doesn’t matter how long you've been together, this type of date is sure to wow you both and turn up the heat on your relationship.

Don't let your date nights become stale. Step outside your comfort zone once in a while and make it a night you both won't soon forget.

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