Thursday, January 31, 2019

Most Popular Casino Games

Black Jack

The casino and gambling industry on a whole continues to grow worldwide each year, with more and more people taking part both online and on the casino floors. Therefore there are always fantastic offers available for players, so you should always look for top casino codes, which could give you that edge. There are now endless options available for players, but what are the most popular? Here we cover the top three most popular casino games around the world.

3) Roulette

In at number three is Roulette, that has long been a very popular choice for both online players and when on the casino floor. The game of chance can be really exciting for groups of players, and the tables are always very busy. Players must choose from placing bets on either a single number, various groups, odd or even numbers or simply the infamous red or black colours. The numbers range from 0 to 36 with a ball being span round a wheel until it drops into the one of the holes next to each number. Roulette spread around the UK and US in the 19th century and has grown in popularity ever since.

2) Blackjack

Another very popular casino card game that ranks as number two is Blackjack or ‘Twenty-one’. The game has been present in many films over the years, which has only furthered its popularity. The game is played between an individual and the house (dealer and the player). The aim of the game is of course to reach 21 known as ‘Blackjack’. This starts with the player and dealer having one card facing up, and the player must then call hit or to stick. The winner is the player with the highest score that is closest to 21. It is a very simple game to grasp, but has a lot of skill involved in it.

1) Slot Machines

A game that covers a large proportion of a casino floor, but has long been the most popular game of choice for the average player; this being slot machines. It was shown that these contribute to 70 per cent of income of the average US casino, which just shows popular they are. They are based purely on luck and there is very little skill involved, which is why they are an attractive option for the novice casino user. Known as fruit machines to many, they have been around since the early times of the casino industry and have continued to evolve ever since. There are now so many different options available for players in comparison to the previous one lever machine of the past.

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