Wednesday, October 28, 2015

FanDuel Week 7 Results and Value Picks for Week 8

Hey there.  Week 7 is in the books and another exciting NFL week has come and gone.  I offered a few value picks for FanDuel last week to help your lineups and not all of them panned out as I had hoped.  Specifically, Malcolm Floyd.  The Raiders defense did pretty well against Philip Rivers and the Chargers passing game and Floyd only managed to get 1 pass for 7 yards, netting a grand total of 1.2 points. Keenan Allen did play and he did see several looks that would have gone to Floyd.  Not even during garbage time was Floyd able to get going.  My bad for recommending him!!!  I was soooo wrong about this one.  Another bust was Travis Benjamin.  He managed only had 4 catches for 47 yards and he lost a fumble.  That was good for only 4.7 points.  Way under the 18 points that I projected.  Stefon Diggs did pretty well for himself, netting a great 20.7 points, exceeding my 18 point projection.  At a low price point, you might want to think of adding him again this week.  And lastly, John Brown came up with a good 14.5 points.  He only had 4 catches but at least he came up with a touchdown.  Anyways... after placing my team and entering the $2 single entry tourney, I came up a winner!  The losing streak ends at 2 losses in a row and new winning streak begins (hopefully!!!)!  I needed 140.54 points was good enough for a $4 win.  So far this season I'm 3 and 4.  I've put in $9 and I've won $13.  Here is my line up for week 7:
Devonta Freeman has just just been a man on a mission.  He didn't score a touchdown last week, but he still managed to get about 130 total yards in the game.  The man is a workhorse and it's tough to not keep him in the lineup.  Also, aside from Mike Evans, my WR selections did nothing for me.  Fitzy should have had a good game against the Ravens and it just didn't happen and Andrew Luck forgot he had receivers on his team not named Hilton.  Moncrief managed an ok score on a TD but just didn't have much else going for him.

Now, it's time to focus on week 8.  Keep in mind, value players are players with a low price tag (Under $7,000) that can potentially get you big points while allowing you the cap space to pick up a top tier player.  I haven't set my squad just yet but here's a couple of value players that I am considering putting on the team:  

Minnesota Vikings WR - Stefon Diggs (FanDuel price $6,700)

The kid came up big last week coming up with 20.7 points!  He has scored in double digits the last 4 weeks so he was bound to have a 20+ point game sooner or later.  He and Bridgewater look to continue their strong chemistry against the Chicago Bears.  I say the kid has another great game and ends up with 17 points against the Bears.

Cincinnati Bengals  - Marvin Jones (FanDuel price $5,400)

Marvin Jones is beginning to turn heads in Cincy.  Even though Eifert and Green get the most attention, Jones has been a solid contributor to the Cincy passing attack.  Consider that most teams will have a game plan to stop Eifert and Green, not many are going to center around Jones.  He'll be the second and third option and he has the play making ability to turn a short pass into a big gain.  Pencil the kid in for another 17 point day against the Steelers.

Houston Texas WR - Nate Washington (FanDuel Price $5,400)

Houston had one of the ugliest first halfs that I have ever seen.  They were getting beat down by the Dolphins and while I could write a whole article about what went wrong, I'm here to bring attention to the silver lining.  Nate Washington had a hell of a game.  Though it was a pass heavy second half, Hoyer targeted Nate more than the high priced Hopkins.  If Cecil Shorts continues to miss time, look for an increased work load for Washington.  Especially since news came out that Arian Foster is out for the rest of the year.  Washington snatches 18 points this week against the Titans.

Dallas Cowboys RB - Darren McFadden (FanDuel Price $6,400)

Now... I was a bit reluctant to add a RB on this week's list.  Personally, I would pay the higher price tag and nab a top tier RB (Gurly, Freeman, Bell, or Forte) but if you have to save salary cap and looking at the RB spot, McFadden might by your guy.  McFadden is now the clear cut #1 guy in Dallas.  The passing game is a joke at the moment and that offense is going to rely McFadden heavily.  Though he might break out a long run or two against Seahawks, I think he'll be more valuable in the short passing game.  He'll definitely be THE focal point and may actually end up in the end zone more than once.  I say McFadden helps Dallas upset the 'Hawks and comes up with a big 22 points.

So there are a few value picks that you may want to consider.  There are many Fantasy Football websites out there but I really like FanDuelt.  If you haven't signed up, do so here.  Good luck friends!  Hope we all are a little richer when we catch up next week!  Later!

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