Friday, December 13, 2013

Create Your Own LEGO Minifigure Postcard

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LEGO Minifiure Family Postcard
Hey there.  Check out this awesome LEGO Minifigure Family postcard that I created at  I have been playing with LEGO blocks for as long as I can remember and I am glad to see that they have expanded to more than just blocks.  As popular as they are, I love that they are still a simple concept with limitless creative possibilities.  Even as a 30 year old, I still have fun creating using LEGO blocks.  I still find myself creating stuffs with my young son.  Before I know it, more than hour has passed and we're still having fun and building.  Creatin with LEGO blocks is just plain fun.  Even in a virtual world.  The above postcard was created in just a few minutes and I was able to get the whole family involved!  Let me tell you just how easy it is to create your own LEGO minifigure postcard.

Head on over to to get started.  Once there, you can select up to 13 family members to include in your card.  You can even choose to add your cat or dog!  Once you have selected your family members, you can customize the minifigures to resemble your family.  You can choose different skin colors, shirts, facial expressions, hair, hats, and pants.  There are more options for the adult minifigures than the child minifiures but there are still enough options to give each minifigure a distinct personality.  During the customization process, my wife and kids chose their own options and created their own minifigures to resemble their style.  Even my 4 year old got into the act.  He's the one with the ninja mask.  lol

Once your family members are in place, you can choose the scene where you would like your minifigure family to stand in front of.  There are about 12 options to choose from.  Anythin from a beach, to the woods, to the north pole.  In the end, we all decided that a picture in front of a cozy fireplace would suit us best.

It only took a few minutes to create the postcard and even though the process was short, a memory was created.  The holidays are times where time spent with love ones create long lasting memories.  Even though we hung around together and played with LEGO minifigures online, that moment has now been immortalized with this postcard.  Create your memorable moment with your family with this fun and easy LEGO creation.  Later!
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    Geoff K
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