Friday, August 16, 2013

In a World... Movie Poster Autographed by Lake Bell Giveaway

Hey there.  How many times have you heard a movie trailer start with, "In a world..."?  I'm pretty sure it's about 99% of them.  lol  That phrase is so popular that even I use it when I'm making up a goofy story and tell it to my kids.  It's such a well known phrase that it is now the subject of it's own movie! You can catch the film, In a World... in theaters Aug 16th!  So what's the movie about it, you say?  Well, here's a brief synopsis:

You finally make it big as a movie trailer voice over.  The problem?  You are now in direct competition with the reigning king of movie voice overs, YOUR FATHER!

Ooooo!  lol  This is a heartfelt comedy, folks, so it should be a pretty awesome feel good movie for the whole family to enjoy.  And for those of you that are movie buffs, I have a giveaway for you!  Our good friends at Partners Hub have provided me with a movie poster, signed by actress and director, Lake Bell!  How awesome is that?!  I've always been a huge fan of collections involving autographs and if you're a Lake Bell fan, you'll definitely want to enter!  As usual, all I ask is for a little reader interaction.  See that In a  World... app?  Check it out.  View a few clips, take the Movie Voiceover Quiz and share your results.  Once done, leave a comment on this blog post and enter the giveaway.  It's that simple.
Now to make the rules official.  The giveaway will run from now until Aug. 30th.  Winner will be announced on Aug. 31st.  The giveaway is open to US and CAN residents only and the prize can only be shipped to residential addresses.  Sorry, no PO boxes.  Also, if the winner is from Canada, you may be asked to pay for additional shipping.  Please keep that in mind before entering.

So, tell me friends, how well did you do on the quiz?  What's your favorite project that Lake Bell has been involved with?  Leave a comment with your answers and enter to win a signed movie poster!  Good luck!  Later!
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  1. I got 40% and I like her on Children's Hospital!

  2. Ouch! I scored 0% and I like her on How to Make in America

  3. I managed to squeak out a perfect 100%, and I'm all about Childrens Hospital!

  4. Got 60% on the quiz! She was really awesome on Children's Hospital!

  5. I scored 100%. (Of course, I took it a couple of times.) I really like Lake Bell on Children's Hospital.

  6. Haha didn't get anything just a big ole 0.

  7. 60% on the quiz. I like her on Children's Hospital

  8. i only got 40% on the quiz and i like children's hospital


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