Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Catch the Jewels of the Titanic Exhibit at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Between March 22, 2013 and May 31st, 2013

Hey there.  You know... The Titanic is one popular story and depending on your point of view, it can be a story of overconfidence leading to disaster or a story of negligence leading to loss of many lives.  Regardless of how you see it, millions of people are simply fascinated by the Titanic.  My wife and I are a part of that group.  We have a family vacation scheduled to Las Vegas later this year and I recently found out that there is a Titanic Exhibit at the Luxor Hotel!  And better yet, if you get there before May 31st, you can get to see the "Jewels of the Titanic!"  In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic, a selection of 15 prestigious artifacts found near the wreckage of the Titanic will be displayed the the public in 3 US cities and they are scheduled to be displayed from March 22 to May 31st at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.  The wife is going to be thrilled!

If you are a Titanic aficionado, you don't want to miss out on this exhibit!  If you need more details on the Jewels of the Titanic, or looking to book your tickets, you can go to the RMS Titanic, Inc.website and get all the information you need!  Or better yet, enter to win 4 tickets to the exhibit!  Entering is easy!  Simply enter the giveaway via the RMS Titanic, Inc.'s giveaway link and follow the instructions!  The giveaway ends on March 22nd so you need to hurry and get your entry in before it's too late!

Imagine seeing some of the most precious jewels that some of the wealthiest passengers of the Titanic took on board.  Diamonds, sapphires, gold, and pearls.  It's definitely a sight that any fan of the Titanic would love to feast their eyes on.  And... not only do you get to see the jewels, but you get learn how they were found, the excavation process and get a brief history lesson on the jewels wealthy owners.
A diamond studded gold ring.  I wonder what the story is behind this marvelous artifact!
Make sure to enter the giveaway before March 22nd!  If you are reading this after the 22nd, no worries.  The Jewels of the Titanic's last stop is Las Vegas and it will at the Luxor until May 31st.  Don't miss your chance to catch a glimpse of history.  Book your tickets and step back in time into the Titanic and enjoy.  Later!

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