Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What the Hell Happened to Music?

I don't think anyone could match what Freddie Mercury created!
Hey there.  I saw this online sometime today and I realized something...  The music of today sucks.  Well... let me rephrase, the majority of the music of today sucks.  Quite frankly, I just don't listen to the radio anymore... unless it's AM sports talk radio.  I feel as if the musicians of this generation have so many hands in "their music" that it's not really theirs.  Some writer or writers came up with the words, another one came up with the composition, and the "artist" is just the voice that sings (or lipsings) the crap out of that song.  I wouldn't really call myself a musician if that's how my career ended up.  Anyways what do you think?  Was the music simply better back then?  Am I really the only one that feels this way?  Later!


  1. It's true that for the most part music today S.U.C.K.S

    What happened to music? I miss stuff that Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson or Guns N Roses would sing.
    Now what do we have to show for? Rihanna, a f*cked up Britney Spears and damn it: Justin Bieber.
    If you want good music, I would recommend country, rock or K-Pop and J-Rock. The Asians most definitely make good music, and 90% of female groups/solo singers don't sell albums because they're using sex appeal. They sell albums because they have talent.

  2. Hey there Susan. Any artist in particular that you would recommend? I'm stuck on 80s Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Slayer at the moment. I've always enjoyed Queen and always admired Freddie's singing but man has the American music scene gone to hell!


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