Monday, June 18, 2012

The Kia Rio Scavenger is On in Los Angeles

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kia Rio for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Hey there.  Life's a journey, not a destination.  Sometimes we get a little too caught up on the fact that we need to be at certain places that we do not stop to smell the roses.  That couldn't be more true than in the city of Los Angeles.  We drive EVERYWHERE but we don't really enjoy that drive.  Mostly because we're so busy getting to and from work or we're simply stuck in one our congested highways.  But what if I said driving can be fun again?  That the journey will be awe inspiting and once you get to those destinations, a surprise can be waiting for you?  That is what Kia is doing with the Kia Rio Zip and Dash to Los Angeles Geocache Challenge!

Kia has sent 2 pairs of best friends to explore the great city of Los Angeles in a quest to find hidden clues.  Their prize?  To meet Christina Milian!!!  Using the 2012 Kia Rio 5 Door and all of it's awesome navigational features, contestants traveled to 5 of Los Angeles' well known land marks looking for clues.  Places such as Griffith Park Merry Go Round (Walk Disney would bring his kids there before he constructed Disneyland), Amoeba Records (Los Angeles' place to go for rare vinyl records and free live show), Pink's Hot Dogs (In my opinion, the world's best hot dog place), Rodeo Drive (A shopoholic's dream located in Beverly Hills), and The Roosevelt Hotel (Many celebrities have stayed here and it's said that many still haunt the place).  Once they have visited and gathered the clues, they will get to meet a celbrity of their choice and that celebrity was Christina Milian!!!  Check out the video!

I would love to embark in an adventure like this.  Especially when I'll be riding around a brand new 2012 Kia Rio 5 Door.  With the latest in Bluetooth and navigation, it would be a great drive to cruise to the aforementioned destinations.  I'm sure that the contestants had no problem locating their destinations.  If anything, their biggest challenge was to find free parking!  lol  Anyways, after browsing around the Rio Explorer Page, I was quite surprised by what I found.  A rear camera display?  A USB jack?  Very impressive.  I could easily connect my music device using the USB jack to listen to what I want and with the latest from Bluetooth technologies, it can all be done safely and hands free.  Also, I love the rear view camera display.  I've always wanted one of those.  Not because a screen looks cool on your dashboard, but because of the added safety it brings to your family and those around you.  It's perfect to keep an eye out for people or things that unexpectly pop up behind your vehicle.  I definitely love the rear view camera display the most but when it comes entertainment, you cannot top the UVO Technology in the Kia Rio 5 Door.  Powering music, phone calls, and just about anything else with your voice is very, very cool.  With a touch of the button and the sound of your voice, you can easily make a call, change the song, or change the radio station.  With safety a big deal for me, keeping my hands on the steering wheel is a huge plus for me while still being able to make calls and flip through my music.  Great job, KIA!

So what did you think of the video?  Would you like to participate in a Zip and Dash in your city?  Who would you like to meet?  If I would be able to meet the guys from Metallica, I'd sign up in a heart beat!!!  lol  Later!
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