Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NerdyShirts Fighting Cancer and Diabetes with Dean Haspiel and Oliver Barrett

Hey there.  You know, I've contributed my fair share to charity.  I've played a small part in Toys for Tots and clothes that are no longer wanted go straight to the Salvation Army.  Even though it's a small thing, it makes you feel good, you know.  That's why I love it when an organization uses it's influence to help charitable causes.  That's exactly why I'm giving the good people at Nerdyshirts.com a big thumbs up!
Click on the shirt to order your own and SLAM juvenile diabetes!
Nerdyshirts recently teamed up with American comic book artist Dean Haspiel to help raise funds to "Slam Juvenile Diabetes."  Dean provided them with a limited edition T shirt design to raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  The design is the first officially sanctioned Billy Dogma T shirt and Dean wanted some of the proceeds to help fight the disease that took his younger brother from him.  There is a kick ass interview with Dean and Nerdyshirts that you must check out.
Click on the shirt to order your own and fight Rebel Scum Cancer!
Nerdyshirts also managed to snag Oliver Barrett!  Oliver provided the Nerdyshirts crew with a limited edition design to help the American Cancer Society.  The talented designer has a strong disdain towards cancer and would like to raise funds and awareness to help bring it to an end.  You can read all about it in this awesome interview with Nerdyshirts!

I want to see more companies do well with their influence.  I think that Nerdyshirts.com have the right idea.  Awesome shirts that not only are worthy of a purchase, but awesome shirts that also benefit a hard working charity foundation.  Later!

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