Monday, February 23, 2009

My Compadre and A New Cloud

Hey there. This morning, at exactly 6 am, my compadre sent me a text message that his wife's water just broke. Our alarm was already ringing when we got the message so if he's reading, you didn't wake us. lol Anyways, we told him that we were expecting a Saturday delivery. 2 years ago, his daughter was born when my wife and I took a trip to Laughlin. We were driving there when we got a message that his wife had just given birth. This Saturday, we were scheduled to go to Laughlin, but we didn't go since my wife was sick. A Laughlin delivery was just not in the cards this time around. lol And the funny part? He's over here texting me about Final Fantasy 7 while his wife is in labor. lol He just needed to know the correct spelling of Cloud Strife's name. For whatever reason, he believed it be Claude. lol I wrote back saying that he should be paying attention to his wife instead of worrying about Final Fantasy 7. lol

Anyways, we are the god parents of his first born and as I'm writing this, I am wondering... How do you say "compadre" in English? I don't think I've ever heard anyone use it in the English translation. I've always heard the, "Those are my god-son's parents" or "god-daughter's parents" but I've never heard the direct translation. Is there even one? I'm curious to see if there is. I know that there are some phrases just cannot be directly translated to English. Or maybe they can, but looses it's meaning completely. One of my favorites is, "Me cai gordo (or gorda)". It basically means that you don't like that person, but translate it to English and you get, "That person fell on me fat". lmao It makes me wonder is comdare and comadre is "My god-child's parent". lol Either way, Spanish to English translations can be hilarious at times. lol Later!


Two mins later, literally... lol Please welcome... THE LITTLE ONE! Congrats!!!


  1. What a wonderful news!!
    It is so great to have children!
    Made me very happy to read this!
    Congratulations and all the best for the whole family!

    We will become god parents next weekend to our friend baby. It is honour!!

  2. congrats to the parents!!
    Compadre is the father of your godson.
    so the mother is called commadre??
    Lol..I'm confused.

  3. Hi there! Congrats to the proud parents :)The baby is so adorable.

  4. Hey there friends.

    Thank you all for the well wishes. I have passed them on to the family.


    Thanks for the well wishes!


    It is an honor. We've been blessed to be the god parents of 2. Congrats to you and your significant other for being selected as god parents.


    That's right my friend. Compadre is the masculine form and comadre is the feminine form of "parent of your god child". lol It's Spanish and I'm not sure if there is a direct English translation. My wife has jokingly been saying it as "co-father" and "co-mother". lol


    Thank you for the well wishes. I'll pass them along.