Saturday, June 30, 2012

Enter to Win a PS3 or an Xbox 360

Hey there.  Who here needs a new Xbox 360 or a PS3?  Maybe you already have one but want one for the living room or you have one or the other and have been on the fence about getting the other gaming system.  Well, I have joined a group on tech bloggers to give you guys the opportunity to win a brand new Xbox 360 (250 GB) or PS3 (160)!  How awesome is that?!?!  If you are regular here, at Metallman's Reverie, than you should be familiar with the game and movie giveaways that I run monthly.  By joining up with some friends, I am now able to get a more valuable prize available for you!  The giveaway will run from now until August 31st and the winner will be announced shortly after that.

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Make sure to stop by and give them some love.  Good luck friends!!!

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Xbox 360 to play the Fable series, because my PC cannot run them all.

I want to win the Xbox 360 because it is becoming such a good entertainment system. I want to play Halo 4 and Borderlands 2 the most when it comes out!

I'd love to win the xbox console for mainly my teen sons to enjoy and maybe my husband and I too. Thanks so much.

PS3 and the new Game of Thrones game!

I want to win an PS3 so I can donate it to my college! (That way I don't have to keep brining mine anymore!

xbox 360 and would like to play mincraft.

I want to playstation.

I want to win a PS3 and the games I want to play the most are Lego Batman 2 , Lollipop Chainsaw , Men In Black:Alien Crisis , Batman: Arkham City.

I would love to win the Xbox 360, you can never have to many xboxs

Xbox 360 and would like to play call of duty

Am I supposed to leave a comment on any blog to which console I want?

I would like the playstation

Not sure if I leave the blog comment here but I want to win the Xbox because I miss having a console and something to do when I'm bored. Lame but I'm a Halo addict.

I'm all about the Playstation 3

I'd love to win a Xbox 360, I play all sorts of games, mostly family games but my son plays alot of RPG games. We love Halo, COD and GOW

I would love the PS3 just because we already have a X Box. I'm not really the gamer in the house but my kids spend just about every waking hour playing Halo!

PS3 because my PC can only go so far in terms of gaming quality

I would like the PS3 so my grandkids can enjoy it when they visit. I love family games.

I want a Xbox360 so I can plan Xbox Live with my friends.

Xbox 360 so I can play Madden 2013.

PS3 because I have a Xbox 360!

i want a PS3 so i can play more metal gear wooo!

xbox360 to play Call of Duty

i never owned a ps3 and would like one for the new madden 13. Thanks

Well to answer the question, I'd actually want to win either the upcoming Wii U or 3DS XL because I'm more excited for the games that are coming out on those systems than anything else right now.. ZombiU (for Wii U) / Adventure Time (for 3DS)

Xbox 250GB Console sounds awesome! My son wants Skyrim andI would like to get a Kinect and get some games that would get us all up and moving! Thank you very much for the chance to win!

I would like the PS3. The boys love playing T-Rated RPG games. Thank you

I'd love to win the XBox for my 14 y/o son. He's saving his allowance up for it, but I'd love to surprise him with one. Today's his birthday so I'm hoping this entry is the lucky one :)

I would love to win the Playstation 3 for my son because it is already on his Christmas list. He likes playing any fighting or battle games.

I would like a playstation 3 because I already have a 360 and the ps3 has a lot of good exclusives to offer

I'd Love to win a Ps3 so I can watch movies in bluray and play games like Uncharted,Ico/shadow HD collection,Tales of Grace F,Disegaea 4,Sly cooper Collection,Jak and daxter collection,Jounrey,Valkyria Chronicles..List can go on and on :P

I really want one of these prices

I would like to win the PS3. I would love to have it for the great games and bluray.

PS3 because i need a blu-ray player!

PS3 to update my old system with a small hard drive. I've been putting off playing Arkham Asylum & the Jak & Daxter Collection.

I would like a PS3 for Gods of War, Skyrim, Dirt 2 and Blu-Ray.

I want to win a ps3.....and play the sports games such as Madden and NCAA

Playstation 3 cause of the quality of games plus blu-ray player!

I want to win an XBOX 360 so badly!!!!

I want to win a xbox 360 so I can play forza and halo I miss those games

I would like a PS3 so I could give it to my brother. He doesn't have the cash to get one for himself, and we both miss cooping over a LAN on our PCs back in the day. Some of the new stuff for the PS3 had us thinking about those days, and I want to make the fool stop moping about how he can't play that stuff because he's doesn't have a job.

I would like the XBOX 360 because I have a PS3. I look forward to playing XBOX exclusives and playing online with my friends. :D

I would love a PS3, I can't even tell you what games I'd play since I haven't had a gaming system in over 6 years when my PS2 broke. I'd be like a kid in a candy store picking out games & end up with sleep deprivation-lol. i picked the PS3 since I'm most familiar with Play Station, I've never even played a friends Xbox so...Great,generous giveaway-Thank you!

I'm Raine on the RC-sorry :)

Great giveaway. I'd love to win a PS3. That would make my year.

I'm Sourin and I like free stuff

PS3 -- Pretty much any fighting game, ff-13 (&pt 2) Thank you :)

I wouldn't mind owning a new Xbox 360 right now so I can play a little game called Fez.

this is a cool blog and i really want to win a ps3

id love the xbox for my son he has been wanting one :)

I would like the Xbox and I've been wanting the "You Don't Know Jack" game.

lisando at

Please Enter Me In YourXbox 250GB Console or PlayStation 3 160GB Console Giveaway.In Response To Your Question Of Which console Do you want to win and why,
plus what games you want to play most!
I Would Like To Win The Xbox Because I Have Some Games But Nothing To Play Them On And I Would Also Like To Play Call Of Duty.
Thanks For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

PS3 because I don't have one. Maybe sonic unleashed..

nice i would really like the PS3

Hi I would like to win a ps3 because mine broke after 2 days :(

want to win Xbox 250GB because we have an xbox and love it. Would play games like Halo 2, Call of Duty 3, Brute Force and more

Xbox 250GB Console because my son has been wanting one for a long time

I would take the PS3 for sure. michael atchison

Hello my name is Marcus I was hoping that I would get ps3 because i have had ask my parents so many times and had money issues that had gotten in the way so I looked up on online to find a give aways and hoping to get a playstaion so heres my email i hope to hear from you thanks.

Hey there Marcus! A little too late, my friend. The giveaway has ended and the winner has already claimed their prize!

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