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If you are a sponsor that would like to see your product featured on my blog please contact me! I love to try out new products and give my honest feedback on them. If your product will be a good fit for myself or my readers then we can go forward and do a review and/or a giveaway.  Below are some of the options that I can provide!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

- Podcast-
The Get a Life podcast focus primarily on video games but we are open to have anyone on our show that would love to be on.  If you believe that our audience is tailored for you and would like to be a guest on our weekly podcast, Get a Life, please contact us via Email to discuss your product and availability.

- Reviews -

A review would entail you sending me a product from your store to try out for myself. After I have had a chance to receive the product and try it out I would then post a blog post about my experience with the product. Products sent will not be returned as they need to actually be used and tested in order to form an opinion on the product. I also can not accept sample or trial sized products for review. As reviewing products via samples or demos would not provide me with the full experience, I cannot accept them for review. I reserve the right to not review products sent to me that I did not like! I only share products that are a great fit for my readers!

- Giveaways -

A giveaway would include the review above but also would feature an additional product that the followers and readers of my website would have the opportunity to win! Any prize(s) would need to be shipped by the sponsor and all shipping and handling charges would have to be covered as included in the giveaway offering. Giveaways generate a lot more exposure and excitement towards the products as the reader feels they too may get to try your wonderful product. It also generates a lot of traffic to your site as the mandatory entry to win the product often will involve visiting the site. Giveaways will run from 2-4 weeks, depending on start date. Please allow 2-4 weeks to write up a review/giveaway from the time I receive the product. This will allow me to spend time actually use and experience the product on more than one occasion before posting. If you would like to feature ONLY a giveaway where I do not receive a product to try then there will be a fee to cover the time involved in posting, moderating entries, and hosting the giveaway. Contact me for current pricing!

- Sponsored Post -

A sponsored post is a non-personal review of the products and features of your website/products without any review item sent. This includes text links and images as requested. Overviews are posted within one week from receipt of payment. Contact me for current pricing!

- Advertising Space -

Text Ad Space – Links will be featured under "Awesome Links" on the home page. I can also accommodate homepage only links. The ad can be up to 2 lines of text and include a direct link, keywords, or the whole line of text linked. You can also purchase ad space on the home page in the following formats: 468x90, 300x250, 160x600, and 125x125.  Contact me for current pricing!

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