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The Otaku Box - June 2022

June 2022 The Otaku Box Items
Hey there. The June Otaku Box is here!!! And as you all know... I sure do love me some anime stuff and I'm just so glad that I get a box of quality otaku goodies each month. This month's goodies include items from awesome anime such as: The Rising of the Shield Hero, Demon Slayer, Assassination Classrom, and My Hero Academia. So let's dig into The Otaku Box - June 2022 Edition and get a closer look at what's inside.

The Rising of the Shield Hero - Raphtalia Bride
Raphtalia in Wedding Dress

Raphtalia in Wedding DressRaphtalia in Wedding Dress
Who's going to say no to Raphtalia in a wedding dress? Raphtalia looks stunning in this figure, which is based on the fan art that was featured in the January 2022 Otaku Box! We didn't get a wedding scene in The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 but that doesn't mean that we can't continue to hope! If we can't get Raphtalia in a wedding dress in anime form, at least we can see her in a wedding dress in this figure. 

Assassination Classroom - Irina Jelavic Banner
Irina Jelavic Banner
Assassination Classroom getting some love this month! NICE! And who better to showcase than the stunningly beautiful Bitch-Sensei, Irina Jelavic! Irina came off extremely cold, cruel, and arrogant when first introduced to her students, but as time goes on, she starts to shed those walls, bonds with the students and reveals a more softer side to her personality. Much like how's she's shedding that cover and revealing her model like body in this banner. Love it!

The Otaku Box - Water Bottle
The Otaku Box Water Bottle
I love getting practical items in my Otaku Box. The Monster Musume Ice Tray last month was pretty awesome and now we get a water bottle to keep us hydrated through these hot summer months. Keep Calm and Watch Anime... and stay hydrated, my friends!

Demon Slayer - Inosuke PopSocket
Inosuke PopSocket
PopSockets are pretty popular now a days and they have become more than just an item to prop up your phone. They are essentially a fashion statement now and you'll be hard pressed to find a more awesome statement than this 4 inch tall Inosuke PopSocket. Inosuke is one of my favorite characters in Demon Slayer so I am quite happy that he's the one getting love here.

My Hero Academia - Froppy Sticker
Froppy Sticker
My Hero has it's fair share of lovable ladies: Ochako, Mina, and Momo to name a few, but Tsuyu is one that doesn't get as much screen time and that's a damn shame. Froppy is the loveable and quite popular hero that deserves her time to shine in the show. At least you can show you love for Tsu with this great 3D image sticker!

How to Not Summon a Demon Lord - Shera Button
How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Shera Button
Shera is unique in that her curvy figure is not typical for elves and though it would have been great to get this artwork on the banner, I'm glad that she made it on the button. This particular art work is great because it draws on the forest nature of elves by blurring out the forest in the background without taking away the focus to be on Shera. Awesome!

Fairy Tail - Mirajane Waifu Card (Bonus Item)
Fairy Tail  Mirajane Waifu Card
Mirajane gives Lucy and a Ezra a run for their money as the top waifu of Fairy Tail. Some might even say Mirajane has a leg up since she has posed for the cover of the in universe Sorcerer's Magazine. But Mirajane is not all beauty. She can definitely hold on her own when it comes to battles, especially when she uses her Satan Soul spell. 

Anyways, the art work on this card makes great use of the holographic aspects. Emphasizing the sparkle in her eyes, the flowers on her bikini, and the waves in the water. This really is a top tier card that is quite welcomed into the collection.

The Rising of the Shield Hero - Raphtalia Temporary Tatoo(VIP Item)
The Rising of the Shield Hero Raphtalia Temporary Tatoo
Temporary Tattoos! I don't think I've owned any of these since I was a kid. lol These definitely play into my nostalgia factor. Lil chibi Raphtalia looks great and as an added bonus, I got a Nezuko temporary tat too. Nice!

And there you have it, folks. The Otaku Box - June 2022 Edition. Man, I've been really loving some of the stuff I've been getting here. Because I am now considered a Legendary Subscriber (being a member for a year or more), I get some extra items in my Otaku Box. If you're an anime fan, make sure to check in next month and see what anime goodies are in the next box.

Going through the items this month, I'm going to give my favorite item vote to the Raphtalia Bride Figure, which the Irina Jelavic banner coming in at a close second. I simply love the uniqueness of the bridal figure. It's not something that you see Raphtalia wearing so it draws my attention. 

So which item is your favorite in this month's box? Let's hear it in the comments, friends!!! Later!

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