Friday, October 8, 2021

Tips On Improving Video Quality, Building Credibility, And Getting Views

The success of a YouTube vlogger hinges on the number of people who watch their videos. A recent study found that roughly 100 million Americans have made or currently make money from creating and posting videos online. But this article isn't about how to become rich and famous. This guide is meant to give tips on improving video quality, building credibility, and getting views while keeping costs low. 

Let's jump in:

1) The Equipment

You're going to need some hardware: a camera (or two), lights, tripod, microphone and all the cables & adapters between them. Investing in good equipment will pay off in the end; cheap cameras produce lousy image quality, cheap lights flicker on camera and give you a headache, cheap tripods break easily, and so on.

2) Video Quality

For optimal video quality, make sure your lighting is even across the frame, your subject fills as much of the frame as possible, and there is no noise or static on either end. Noise reduction plugins for Adobe programs are available online for free. If all else fails, use another program to improve your videos, such as iMovie.

3) Credibility & Viewers

People come across new content that has dramatically changed over the years, from watching TV-like non-interactive YouTube videos to viewing history and subscriptions. Suppose you're starting a YouTube channel from scratch. In that case, it will be tough to get noticed and build a following without having some leverage with existing content creators or connections in the YouTube community.

4) Costs

Running a profitable video blog isn't cheap since there are costs involved with editing, lighting & equipment rental, web hosting, and software maintenance. The best way to keep your initial investment low is by buying used gear online at places like craigslist and eBay. These sites also make it easy to sell your old equipment after you upgrade.

5) Editing Software

Video editing software ranges widely in price. Final Cut Pro X brings professional tools into the home; Adobe Premiere Elements has excellent features for first-timers & downloadables can be found online to give it even more power.

6) Lighting & Audio

One of the biggest mistakes first-time vloggers make is filming content with bad lighting or poor audio quality. Lighting should be even across the frame, not too bright or dim, and your subject should never be squinting. Using natural lighting from a window is ok if you're indoors, but lights are needed to record videos outside during the day. 

Microphones aren't as important as lighting/quality; however, make sure they pick up what you want to include in the video without picking up the background noise. Adding an external microphone will help reduce background noise and make your movies sound more professional.

7) Editing

Editing is the final step before uploading videos to YouTube, which can be done online or on your computer. There is also a way on how to trim a video on iPhone. Some people like to create videos with no cuts for a more natural feel. Still, most viewers prefer edits due to attention spans getting shorter each day. It all comes down to what you think will get the most views.

8) Lighting & Audio Part 2

Before recording, you should always check your lighting and make any necessary adjustments (red-eye reduction, etc.) if needed; the same goes with your microphone. This is a crucial step to do off-camera before you film since it'll save time setting up for a scene. 

9) YouTube

YouTube has become the 2nd biggest search engine behind Google so building a following takes time and consistent posting. There are two types of videos that perform well on YouTube: how-to's & reactions. If yours falls into one of these categories, then more power to you, but if not, then you have to work harder at keeping your subscribers engaged. How you stand apart from the competition is by being unique, creative, and having a voice that people enjoy listening to.

10) Social Sites

To promote your videos online, you have to use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Since they all display video links now, it is easy to share your creations with others who find them interesting or valuable. Sharing isn't enough; make sure you interact with users on these sites since they are used more for communication rather than promotion.

11) Money

With YouTube becoming one of the most significant search engines out there, marketers have noticed and realized that vloggers with large followings could be very beneficial for promoting their products. If you can show a company where your audience is buying what they offer, they will want to work with you due to the residual benefits this will bring both parties. Just keep posting!

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