Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Playing Video Games

Playing Video Games
A well-known fact that is known that boys and men play games. Be it video games, NZ online gambling games or just games. The world knows that men love to play video games. Less is known about the type of games that ladies play.

Mobile and Facebook games like Candy Crush and Subway Surfers are the games that women and girls mainly play. But then again everyone who has access to Google Play in most cases has one or two of those games. So which other games do girls play?

There are also those online make up and dress up games that girls tend to love. Like Princess Tower, Grand Fantasia and many more. This is because they seem to fit their lifestyle as girls and women. The same way men see themselves in action based games are the same women see themselves when they play fancy dress up games. To virtually imagine the lifestyle that they want to live.

Then there the dating games and the love games. Like My First Date and Swing Date. Women just love the idea of love. So it makes sense that these are the games that women love to play. Not those noisy machine gun games filled with death. Women rather prefer the quit love games.

Games with the hot guy. Yeah, some ladies will play a game just because the main character is a hot guy ladies will flock. Can't blame them there.  lol  Games with the hot guy like Assassins Creed and Devil May Cry are also played by ladies and girls. Some casinos online America games also attract most ladies since they use hot male models.

Fantasy games are also loved by girls and women. Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts like also fall on this list.

Some ladies also love a good mystery like Agatha Christie or Around the World in 80 Days. Games that give the mind a challenge and make time pass without noticing it. And of course, there are those golden personal computer games like Solitaire that almost everyone plays.

Finally, there are driving games. It turns out that video games have a more than positive impact on driving. We explain the why and how. It is a fact, supported by numerous scientific studies, video games have a positive influence on gamers. Indeed, these studies conducted over the last 20 years have shown that gamers have better cognitive abilities. Their visual attention is much greater than that of a non-player. The various existing games always require more concentration, logic, reflection and analysis. Likewise, the notion of movement, of changing and sometimes shifting targets and objectives, obliges the player to constantly improve. In fact, driving games can also help you on the road. Driving requires analyzing your environment, making decisions, as well as spotting any obstacles or dangers and reacting quickly. Obviously, someone who has developed these abilities has a definite advantage.  Be careful, however, being a gamer does not mean that you will have better control of your vehicle in all circumstances. This does not make you a professional pilot or a seasoned driver, only a driver with good responsiveness and very good abilities to fit into the flow of traffic.

If you are learning to drive currently, it can have a positive impact also. These games simulate real life scenarios. The advantages of the video game are especially noticeable at the beginning of the training. When starting, the student may be afraid because they do not control their vehicle. Thanks to this tool, they feel safe and can learn basic driving skills more peacefully. In fact, dense traffic and the presence of all types of users (two-wheelers, pedestrians, buses, etc.) are vectors of stress for the beginner student. The simulator allows you to focus only on basic skills, namely handling the steering wheel, shifting gears

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