Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How to Improve Your Luck

It was Donald Trump who said “Everything in life is luck” when talking about success. Based on his new position in the Whitehouse, one might feel obliged to believe him. Was Trump’s presidency the result of him being a lucky person? After all, his current position might not make him feel so ‘lucky’. Right now Trump has the lowest approval rating of any president since the 50s and much of what he promised in the election isn’t turning out quite how he expected. He’s not exactly a well-liked figure in the public eye considering how many memes and games he’s inspired, including the latest Trump’s White House game where you can imagine what Trump’s White House might looks like, with an atomic bomb background included in the options. Is Trump lucky? That’s debatable.

On the other hand, there are many people throughout history who became successful, not out of luck. In fact, a lot of these people seemed to suffer nothing but bad luck for most of their lives and it was through sheer determination and hard work that they found their success. These sort of people might also look at their past and call themselves lucky. But, did they become successful because of luck?

One theory about luck implies that luck only exists in hindsight. We don’t think of ourselves as being lucky until something lucky happens to us. We’ve all had good and bad things happen to us, but whether or not we define ourselves as lucky depends on whether we’re pessimists or optimists. While there may be a lot in your life that hasn’t gone the way you had hoped, there are probably at least a few things that have gone well. When you think about your own personal luck, which of these circumstances do you use as reference? Do you look at the good or the bad?

The first thing you need to do to improve your luck is to consider yourself as lucky. It’s been shown that those of us who consider ourselves as lucky, even when we’re not necessarily successful, tend to appreciate opportunities a lot more than people who imagine that they are entirely responsible for their own success. This is because attributing our success to luck gives us a sense of humility. If you want to improve your luck in the future, you need to see yourself as lucky to begin with. People who feel lucky tend to seize more opportunities because they are aware that these opportunities are rare and could have been given to anyone. Someone who feels unlucky might think that there’s no point in trying hard or taking risks because failure is inevitable.

The next thing you need to do to improve your luck is realise is that luck can only get you so far. While luck might throw an opportunity your way, you need to be the one to seize it and work hard to make the most of it. So, luck might be the catalyst, but it’s not everything. The people that come to the end of their lives feeling as though they were truly lucky are the people that made the most of what life gave to them and worked hard to bring their own success.

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