Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Place to Host Your Website

Web hosting solutions
Now that you have a website, you need some place to keep it safe. You also want to protect it from spammers. Additionally, you also want to keep it running 24 hours per day so that customers can have access to it at their convenience.

Why Use a Web Host?

You need a host so that you can have an online presence. The web host provides security for your site, so you do not have to worry about anyone posting malicious texts on your site. The host works like a large server. It stores all your data so that others can have access to it. You can also install tools to protect you from spamming.

Pretend that your website is a personal business card. The site works like a virtual business card but with more details. It has an “About” section. This is where you give a brief history about yourself so that visitors will have an idea who you are.

You will also have a page that describes your services. This would be like the full portion of the business card with more details. You can also set up blogs where you can connect with visitors. This is one of the opportunities where you can sell your services. Provide some helpful tips to your readers to entice them to buy your products.

When you set up your site, you will need web hosting and design packages. This will assist you in making the site appear more attractive to onlookers as well as having the necessary tools to maintain your website 24 hours per day. The following options will give you choices on which type of package is right for you.

Regular Web Hosting

This type of hosting is typical for a small operation. You can change packages based on your needs. You will get 300 GB of disk space plus one free domain name. You will have 1,000 email boxes. Your site will also get malware scanning. It also comes with a secure FTP (SFTP) for encrypted file transfer.

Professional Web Hosting

This package gives you unlimited disk space and unlimited email boxes. Your site will load two times faster with CDN. There is an automatic malware removal protection. The option also prevents common hacks like SQLi, XSS, and other types.

Professional Plus Web Hosting

This type of hosting has SSL for secure data transfer. It also provides you with unlimited disk space as well as unlimited email boxes. Your site will load twice as fast. All malware will get removed automatically. You will also get protected from hackers like SQLi, XSS, and many others.

The host has a variety of apps in its library. It has WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and PhP. It also has Ruby, Python, peri, MySQL, and RAILS.

In conclusion, when you set up your website, you will need a place to host it so that people will have access to it 24 hours per day. You also will need security protection. The host has malware installed to prevent hacking. You will also have access to email boxes and disk space to hold your data.

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