Thursday, January 8, 2015

SHARKK Lightning to USB Sync and Charge Cable Review

Hey there.  In the past couple of months, the importance of a good USB cable has become more and more apparent.  I've own many devices and each one seems to come with a USB cable to charge the device with.  At first, I believed that a cable is a cable and I would use a smart phone USB cable to charge a tablet.  Then I would wonder why the tablet didn't charge at all using that cable.  Once I was well informed on USB cables, I started to upgrade them.  The latest upgrade that I picked up?  The SHARKK Lightning to USB Sync and Charge Cable. Our good friends at SHARKK provided me with this lightning fast cable to try out and review.  Since this is a USB cable, this won't be a long post, since in essence, it either works or it doesn't.  lol  Before I get into my experience, let's talk specs!

  • 3.3 ft of cable
  • Compatible with iPhone 5/5s/5c/6/6 Plus
  • Compatible with iPad Air/Air 2/Mini/Mini 2/Mini 3/4th Gen
  • Compatible with iPod Nano 5th Gen/7th Gen
  • Provides high speed charge while syncing
  • Reversible head allows more flexibility when using iPhone cases
  • Apple MFi Certified
Now on to my experience and first impressions.  I thought that the 3 feet of cable was a bit too long.  I tend to charge and sync using my laptop so I found that the long cable was a bit too much... BUT, I can see how having a longer cable would benefit those that sync and charge using their desktop computers.  I love the fact that the head is reversible.  That pretty much means that you cannot screw up inserting the cable into your device.  No more fumbling with the cable to make sure that you are inserting it the right way.  No more jamming the cable before realizing you need to flip it.  I'm really glad that Apple decided to go this route and I hope that all other manufacturers follow suit.

Anyways, the big thing that really impressed me here is the SynCharge technology that the SHARKK Lightning USB Sync and Charge Cable offers.  One of the biggest complaints of Apple users was that many of the newer Apple products could not charge while they were syncing or active.  To be honest, that kind of sucks.  But you won't EVER have that problem with this cable.  The SynCharge tech assures that your device will charge while active or syncing.  That alone is reason enough to get this cable.  Add to the fact that it is also MFi (Made For iPhone/iPad/iPod) Certified and this is a must have USB cable for your Apple product!

I tested it out with an iPhone 5 and an iPad mini.  To be honest with you guys, I didn't see much of a difference in charge times between the SHARKK lightning cable and the Apple cable.  There were no warnings on the devices and they charged like normal.  I did switch charging the devices from my laptop, car charger, and external battery packs to see if they would be any hiccups in charge times.  Each charged up without a hitch, without slowing down and absolutely no signs of any error messages.  So far so good.  Another plus for the Sharkk lightning cable is that is just feels more sturdy than the Apple cable.  The Apple cable feels a bit flimsy and seems as if it won't last very long.  The SHARKK cable is a but thicker and seems to be built for the long haul.  Because of that, I felt more comfortable taking the Sharkk cable with me wherever I went.

"It's just a stupid cable, Metallman.  I'll just get another one once my Apple one breaks."

Sure go ahead, buddy.  Pay $2 for a cheapo non MFi cable that may or may not work with your device.  You want to be safe and get an Apple cable?  Ok, throw away $19 for a certified Apple cable.  OR... get this SHARKK Lightning to USB Sync and Charge Cable for $7.99 at Amazon!  It exceeds the original cable in quality and price so if you don't pick up one these bad boys for your Apple products, you need to be checked out.  lol  The SHARKK lightning cable looks good, feels good, and gets the job done.  Pick one up today!  Later!

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