Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Enter to Win a Pair of BassBuds Classic In Ear Headphones

Hey there.  I have my fair share of headphones.  Some cover the ears and others are in ear headphones.  Each of them awesome in their own unique way, but there's no doubt that when I wear my BassBuds, they turn heads.  Their design demands attention and the sound quality is up there with the best of them.  As a matter of fact, I have 2 sets.  I have a Platinum pair from the Classic Selection and I have a Rhythm pair from the Fashion Collection.  You know which pair I don't have?  The blogger exclusive Gold Plated pair of BassBuds.  Oooooo.... shiny!!!!  This set is exclusive to bloggers only and the only way bloggers can snag a pair is by giving away a set of of BassBuds from the Classic Selection and have as many people sign up for the giveaway.  And that's why... I'M GIVING AWAY A PAIR OF BASSBUDS FROM THE CLASSIC SELECTION TO ONE OF YOU METALLMAN.COM READERS!!!  The awesome people at BassBuds and I have teamed up to provide one of you guys a set of BassBuds from their Classic Collection.  Here's a little bit about BassBuds.

A unique feature of BassBuds headphones are the genuine swarovski crystals that are attached to the headpieces that demand attention.  They are stylish and are the definition of class and high quality.  BassBuds also have advanced cyrtaltronics sound technology for a crystal clear HD audio experience.  They have noise cancellation technology built into every set.  Perfect for those of us that want to fully immerse themselves in their music or movie.  Also, each set of BassBuds comes in an awesome luxury box.  Each box contains a soft bag to carry your BassBuds inm 6 Pairs of silcone tips, 3 pairs of memory foam tips, and an instruction manual.  Oh, and did I mention they also have a built in micorphone?  You can easily answer calls and chat away with a click of a button.
Platinum Classic BassBuds
You can't argue that this isn't one great looking set of headphones!
Entering to win a pair is pretty easy.  Simply enter by using the below Rafflecopter widget.  The giveaway will run from now until April 7th.  The winner will be selected shortly thereafter.  Winner will receive a pair of BassBuds from their Classic Collection and will be chosen at random.  The prize will be shipped by our good friends at BassBuds.

So tell me, friends, which Classic set are you entering to win?  Did you see their Fashion Collection?  There are many color palettes to choose from so I am sure that there is a pair of BassBuds for you.  Let me know which ones you want in the comment section and if you are chosen as the winner, I'll put in a good word for you.  Who know's, maybe you'll be shipped the set of your choice!  Later!


  1. Would love to win, my headphones broke and working out without music has been awful.

  2. Hey there K. Yeah, I know what you mean! I used to hit the gym without them and now I rotate through 3 different sets of headphones each time I go. lol

  3. Wow. That is a classy set of earbuds. Wouldn't mind going out with those.

  4. WOAH! this would be awesome to win! i would like a WHITE pair if you do decide to choose me ! they look sick!
    the fashion collection black pair look even better! haha is that a black crystal in the housing ? now those are seriously sexy!
    thanks for the opportunity broski!

  5. I'm entering to win. New a new pair.

  6. The gold is just awesome. Very hot looking!

  7. These are sick! Never seen them anywhere before!


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