Monday, January 26, 2009

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Hey there. Once upon a time, I was not a Chinese food kinda guy. I hated the stuff and I hated the smell of it. Actually, I was turned off by all kinds of food. Especially Chinese food and pickles. Of course, that's before I met my wife. I've always tried foods for her and she's reluctantly tried some foods for me (remember the octopus incident, dear?) and now, I can say that I enjoy eating some Chinese food and I'll have some pickles in a burger here and there. Anyways, a few days ago, we go out to an all you can eat buffet. One of the good ones. The ones that have all kinds of seafood, Chinese food, and few American eats. After we over stuff ourselves, our waitress comes over with our fortune cookies. Here is her fortune:

"Be patient! The Great Wall didn't got build in one day."

Low and behold, ancient fortune cookie wisdom at it's finest.

We chuckled at the wording. We thought it was hilarious. But now, I'm thinking that maybe it was meant to be worded that way so that you can put some actual thought into it. Nah, I'm sure that the brainiac that was the translator merely screwed up the wording.

Ah... Life's simple treasures. I love it when smiles come from unexpected places. Later!

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