Monday, January 18, 2010

Our Little Dwight Impersonator

Hey there.  I'm a fan of The Office.  I have a bunch of episodes recorded on my DVR and it's been a nightly ritual for me to go through a few of them and laugh at the show.  Sometimes, the kids will join me in the viewing and they find the show hilarious.  They especially like the episode where Dwight claims that "today, fire will save lives" and starts a fire in the office.  Another intro that they simply cannot get enough of is where Dwight demonstrates how to defend against the throat punch.  Here is that particular episode titled, "Murder".  I'm only talking about the intro but the whole thing is pretty funny.  Especially the conversation between Andy and Kevin when they talked about accents and the Swedish Chef!  LMAO!

I tried to get the clip of my daughter doing it...  But it's not happening!!!  Once I do, I'll get it on here STAT!!!  Until then, enjoy the episode.  Later!

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