Thursday, November 12, 2009 - A Smarter Way to Search

Hey there friends. I strongly believe that competition is great for the consumer. A great example of this would be the battle between Google, MSN, and Yahoo for your internet search needs. Each offer their own services in order to entice us to use their search engine. Well, what if I can introduce you to one that can combine all three? Welcome,

leapfish is not only a great search engine, but a great source of all things social media. Their home page is customizable to include your Facebook or Twitter account, read up on Us Weekly (or other magazine sites), and check out Youtube's most popular videos. But the search engine is where Leapfish really shines.
I went ahead and entered Metallman's Reverie in the search, just to see what would come up. I was surprised to see that Leapfish not only gave me the search results I was looking for, but gave me the search results for the 3 search engines named above, any Twitter mentions, all blog mentions, AND images in relation to my search. What more can an internet surfer want? Especially one that is active in all things social media?

You definitely want to check out Once you give it a go, you may find yourself seriously considering the switch from one of the other guys. Especially bloggers such as myself. Check out this video, it will give you a good look at what leapfish is all about. Later!


A Broken Faucet

Hey there. We have a problem in the kitchen. A few months back, a pot fell on our faucet. Not a big deal right? Well, the faucet we have is made of a plastic material so the hit it took cause a crack in the faucet. It began to leak each time we turned it on but last night was the last straw. We are not sure how it happened but it started to gush at the base of the faucet. You know, the part that allows it swivel. So now, instead of a leak, it's a gush. I turned off the water in the kitchen last night, to avoid wasting water, but I've decided that I need to get a new faucet to replace the old one. I plan on heading out to Home Depot after work to pick one up. Along with some caulking to keep it in place. I'm checking out the site right now to see if they have any that I like available at the store. Ah... The joys of being a home owner. You got to fix any issues yourself. I'm leaning towards the one below. Not too bad, right? Later.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Use Shopobot to Find the Lowest Price Online

Hey there friends. Are you confused with the wide selection of iPods that Apple has out on the market? iPod Touch, iPod Classic, 8Gbs, 16Gbs, 1st generation, 2nd generation... There are so many that it's tough to get a good read as to which iPod is the perfect fit for you. Well, our good friends at have come up with a nifty price guide to help you along.

Browse through a wide selection of iPods and compare the iPod Prices with ease. The breakdown is easy to read and you can see where you can get a used or new iPod for the lowest price. Add to that reviews from customers and price history and you have all the information in front of you to be able to make a great decision in regards to your purchase. You can very easily track the previous prices so you can get an idea if the price is going up or down. Is it a great time to buy now that the price has been steadily dropping? Check out shopobot to find out!

It's a great site that will easy distinguish where you can get any item for the lowest price. Check it out today and see where you'll be purchasing your next item. Later!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Taking Charge of Music Education

Hey there. I've decided. I'm going to be more hands on with the kid's music instruction. I have a flute,my son is learning flute, so Im going to help him practice. I need to take a more active role in their education and I think this is a perfect way to step in and be a part of my son's education. Later.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Motivational Sunday (on Monday) - Motivation

Hey there. I know, I know... I'm a day late on this but in my defense, I forgot. Today's poster is brought to you by the term Motivation itself. I'm sure that we've all thought it, and I'm sure some of us have even said it, but by looking at the below poster, we can all conclude that one point in our lives, it rang true. Later.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Perfect Chore for Football Sunday

Hey there. The perfect chore for football Sunday is laundry! Think about it men. You sit on a couch, watch TV while folding clothes. It's perfect! I've been doing it since the start of football season and I must say that I don't have a problem doing it. I have noticed that it frustrates me when it's done at any other time, but I guess that because football is on, I can yell at the TV and take out some of that aggression. lol Later.