Monday, October 5, 2009

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...And Pre-Labor Begins

Hey there. I just received word from my wife that she's experiencing contractions. Today could be the day, and if it's not, our son will definitely be here by the end of the week. She started to feel them when we got up this morning but paid no mind to them since she knows she needs to experience contractions within 10 minute intervals. She's started to time them and sees that she's experiencing them closer to 30 minutes apart. Still no need to rush to the hospital, but we're definitely entering the labor stage of our pregnancy.

We were hoping for an Oct. 7th birthday. That's my dad's birthday and it would have been if my son would have been able to share his birthday with my father. Our older son honors my father by bearing his name so it would have been perfect if our little one would be able to honor him by sharing a birthday. Considering that contractions are 30 mins apart, it may still happen. Nevertheless, if he comes out completely healthy, we'll be just as thrilled.

Hopefully, it's not these Braxton Hicks contractions (or fake ones, as my wife likes to call them) that's fooling us into thinking that it may be today. From what my wife says, they could be fake ones that are just getting her ready for the real contractions. Either way, I think our little will be here soon! I'll keep you guys updated. Later!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Top Blogs of the Month of September

Hey there. I'm a little late on announcing my top droppers for the month. Because of the new rules in regards to Entrecard credits, I cannot offer as much as I could the previous times. I'm cutting it down to 500 ECs and a month on my blogroll. Many thanks to my top droppers and I appreciate the fact that you stopped by to check out my blog. Many thanks!

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Waiting for the Little One

Hey there.The waiting game continues.Our son is still not here and we feel like the whole world is getting impatient with us.Due date is Oct. 10. Almost there.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Giving Money to the Homeless

Hey there. This morning, I was in the mood for some french vanilla coffee stuffs from Winchell's Donuts. As I was about to walk in the place, a stranger, in torn and ragged clothing, asked me for some money so that he can go inside and get himself some coffee. I admitted that I didn't have any cash on me that I was planning on paying with my card. As I opened the door, I turned around and told him, "You know what, guy. I'll buy you a cup of coffee." So I did, handed it to him, wished him well, and I was on my way to work.

Now, I don't have a problem helping those that need help. If I, someday, we to find myself in the same situation, I would appreciate any help that someone would be able to give. My problem, though, is giving them cash. I'll admit, I've walked by more than a few homeless people asking for change and I've continued walking by even though I had some. My reasoning? I don't want them to blow their money on booze or drugs. I've seen it before. Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, I've seen my fair share of people asking for change and then them going to the nearest liquor store only to come out with a brown paper bag. I have a problem with that. I want to help you, friend, but how I do know you want to help yourself? How do I know that you're not just going to buy a bottle of Vodka and sit on the corner and repeat the process when the bottle is finished? This is why I would rather help in getting something than giving cash.

I remember this one time, while out with my friends, we decided to go get us some Popeye's Chicken. It late at night when we pulled up at the drive thru. Before we had a chance to order, a homeless man came up the driver side and asked for change to buy a piece of chicken. My friend, the driver, told him that if he wanted chicken, he'll buy him a meal. The guy refused the meal and wanted the money. Eventually, he walked away with nothing. First hand encounters like this makes me reluctant to hand out a few bucks to those asking for it.

I sent out a Twitter message about the encounter this morning and see that some people agree with my logic while others believed that a few cents should have been handed out. The common conception that I received is that I was being put through a test by god. Now, I don't know about that. I believe that people learn through trials and tribulation and I strongly believe that this man is going through some trials. I go back to my post on Metallica's Low Man's Lyric, I don't know if he's there by choice, or forced there by his circumstances. I simply don't know. What I do know, is that I don't mind coughing up a dollar for a cup of coffee, if that really is what the man wanted. If the man is in need, he will accept my offer, especially when he can honestly say he has nothing.

Sometimes a good cup of coffee starts your day off right. Hopefully, I helped start your day off well, my friend. Later.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Slowly Recovering

Hey there. So we were at the hospital last night to visit my little cousin. The nurse gave us crap because we happened to get there when the nurses were changing shifts. She needed to speak with the nurse in charge of keeping an eye on my cousin before visitors were allowed to go and see her. I told her that my aunt was up there with her and you can call the room to see that it's ok. She refused to call. It got me upset that we had to wait, but we had to. Once the shift was changed, we were able to go up to see my little cousin. My wife stayed in the lobby with our kids while I went in to meet my aunt in the room.

My lil cuz still looks swollen. She was retaining water and had to get her kidneys drained. She has the breathing and feeding tubes going but after speaking to the doc, she is more than optimistic that the tubes can be removed as early as this morning. The breathing machine was giving very little if any support and her lungs had little to no secretion in them. My cousin is sedated to the point where she can't talk or move as much, but she shows some signs of reaction when you talk to her and hold her hand. She'll gently squeeze back or she'll try her best to nod her head. She's no longer strapped to her bed, which is good, but I do not know if that's the case because she is sedated. My aunt was telling me that when they first started to drug her, the nurses had extra doses of sedatives at the ready to bring her down.

I haven't received word of how she's doing this morning. Nevermind, there's an Email from my aunt that just came in. Hopefully, it's good news. I'll keep you guys updated. Later.