Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Saturday Night Rock Out

Hey there. So this Saturday was our rock band / guitar hero night. My wife had asked everyone to come dressed up. Some people did, others didn't, but that was expected. We dressed up, of course. lol We never miss an opportunity to show a little creativity. We didn't go all out but just enough to make it fun. First off, I was a little upset that I could not find a white mask ANYWHERE. I went to Halloween shops, party supply shops, malls... nothing. So I had to improvise. Being Buckethead, I needed the white mask and a bucket so I just did the next best thing, painted my face white. While at the store, I decided to get black paint to get the kids in the spirit. I figured I could just paint their faces as members of KISS and they're ready to go. My wife decided to change her persona at the last minute and went with the beehive wearing Amy Winehouse.

First to arrive was our cousin, who came right from work so he wasn't dressed. He's a butcher so I told him he should have just brought his bloody apron and made up a name. No one would have questioned him. lol Soon after my compadre and his wife showed up as Maynard and Noodles. The guy looks hilarious in his bald cap. Miss B,"La Chica Dorada", and Donna member, Brett showed up shortly thereafter. We all got to playing and started laughing our asses off. Once the kids were in bed, the drinks started flowing, except for my wife, of course. No drinks for her. After many battles and songs, Maynard and Buckethead started to get into a heated showdown on who can sing Creep, by Radiohead better in Expert. Needless to say, if you're singing Radiohead, you're buzzing. lol I'm already getting questioned on when the next rock night is. I'll keep ya guys posted. Until then, check out some pics from the night. Later!

Oh! I almost forgot. One of the highlights of the night was when we went out to get pizza. I pulled up to the pizza place and Maynard says, "Yo, Buckethead, you're forgetting your bucket!" lol I put my bucket on and jumped out the car and into the pizza place to order our pizza. lol Man, did we get all kinds of looks and I swear, the people thought we were there to rob the place. Instant classic! lol So if you were in the Long Beach area and thought you saw Buckethead ordering pizza, YOU DID!!! HAHAHAHA! Later!


Maynard and Noodles
Amy and Buckethead
Brett and Paul(a)
Getting the show started

Catching the show

Drinkin' it up
All Star Girl Band (feat. Jack Sparrow as their manager)
Showing Mayanrd how it's done

Monday, April 27, 2009

Star - A Haiku

Hey there. I love the Japanese art of Haiku and love me the heavenly bodies. Check out my Haiku on stars. Later!

Star - a Haiku
A haiku of the beauty of stars.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday - A Day of Rest

Hey there. I am beat. We had our rock night last night and we're still pretty tired from it. We must have gone to bed at about 3 AM. I'll post the pics and details tomorrow, since I'm too lazy to go and get the camera right now.

Today is our "we're not gonna do sh*t" day. You need those every now and then. We slept til 10, which is a huge luxury for us, and then made breakfast for the kids. We've been lounging on the couch since, watching TV. We caught the Bulls - Celtics game, which was great. My wife likes to give me grief cause I'm a huge Laker fan and the Celtics gave the Lakers a beat down in last year's finals. Seeing the Celtics playing, she was going for the Celtics (friendly trash talking ensued). My wife, not really a basketball enthusiast, was pretty into the game. The game was definitely an exciting one, that was close throughout and didn't name a victor until the 2nd OT. Bulls came up with some huge blocks in the 2nd OT for the win. Dont' worry friends, I'll convert her to a Laker fan soon enough. lol

After the game, she switched it over to some movie about Amy Fisher on the Lifetime Channel. I'm not very familiar with her story but the movie was awful, in the sense that it cut at the most inconvenient of places and the dialogue was not all that great. All the while, I'm tossing Reese's Pieces in the air, trying to land them in my mouth. Yes friends, I was chucking candy into the air and trying to eat them cause "silly daddy" is cool like that. lol My wife soon joined in, but to show me how it's done. I'm not very good at it and I'm sure that there's still a few pieces on the couch somewhere. Eh... too lazy to look for them now.

Once the movie was over, we switched it over to the Travel Channel where we've been watching the "paradise" series. Good stuff. You put anything in front of Paradise and you'll get the best places in the US to get some of that food. We caught the Ice Cream Paradise (Mmmmm We need to visit Ben & Jerry's to do their tour), Deep Fried Paradise, and now, Sandwich Paradise (I've eaten at the Stage Deli in NY!!!).

The Magic and Sixers are playing. I'll catch you guys later. I got some more lounging to do. Later!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Log Your Miles To Help Find A Cure To Breast Cancer

Hey there friends. Breast Cancer accounts for nearly 33% of the cancer detected in women. That's a fact that is stated in the Breast Cancer Facts & Figures section of Cancer.org. We don't need a month to bring awareness to this horrible disease. It's something that should be year round and if I can help spread the word, or help an organization aid in funding research, I will. This is why I have registered with Bumblebee Foods' BeeWell Miles program. Sign up is quick and easy and Bumblebee Foods is donating $.15 to the Breast Cancer Network of Strength® for every mile you log in the website. They are donating up to $150,000 and if everyone pitches in, we can easily hit the 1,000,000 miles needed for the company to donate an additional $50,000. We have until 10/31/09.

Easy, right? You walk, you run, you help save lives. It really can't get much easier, but it does get better. Everyday that you log in your miles, you will gain one entry to win an instant prize. You can also receive a coupon for $15 off Lady Footlocker (Min $75 purchase), $5 Subscription to Health Magazine, or other great prizes by entering the code found on specially marked cans of Bumblebee Foods. You simply enter the code here and see if you're a winner. The website also makes it extremely easy to calculate your miles. Enter two addresses (or land marks, or two points on the map provided) and miles will be calculated for you. There is also this nifty tool where you can log your meals, nutrition, miles, and activities so that you can do a side by side comparison on how many calories are being burned compared to how many are being entered in your body. All for the sake being active and health conscience.

Check out my profile, sign up, and become my friend. Yes, it shows a bunch of 0's now, but that's because I signed up prior to this post, but I want that "I Made a Difference" badge and I need to log 100,000 miles for it. It's quick and it's easy and you'll not only help a noble cause, but be healthier because of it as well. Later!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Metallman = Buckethead for Saturday Night's Rock Out

Hey there. I've decided. I'm going to be Buckethead for Saturday night. I mentioned earlier that my wife set up a game night for this Saturday and the twist added is that guests would need to be dressed up as a musician. My wife has already called a "preggers Gwen Stefani" while I was still undecided... until today.

While driving to work this morning, my wife showed me a picture of a friend that sent a text message to her. She was wearing a hat that resembled something like the hats worn by the "Hot Dog on a Stick" workers. Then, it dawned on me. I shall be Buckethead! lol Funny how you associate 2 completely unrelated items. In this instance it's Hot Dog on a Stick and Buckethead. I laughed and told my wife that we need to get a bucket of chicken and a white mask and I'm set. So far, I know of 3 "rockers" that will be attending Saturday. We have Buckethead, Gwen Stefani, and Maynard (Tool). Everyone is else is keeping quite of their identities. Hopefully, we won't get any people that will flake out and not come in costume. Later!


Confirmed appearances by:

Maynard (Tool)
Noodles (The Gorillaz)
The Donnas
Miss B (My Ruin)

Unconfirmed appearances by:

Axl Rose (G n R)

Cindy Lauper

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Be Careful Where You Sit!

Hey there. As many of you know, my wife and I are expecting and we have gotten many well wishes from across the globe. We also started to get many pregnancy jokes from friends and family and this is one that crossed my inbox earlier today. Thought is was hilarious and the fact that it claims to be true makes it even more hilarious. Enjoy.


A woman, about 8 months pregnant, got on a bus. She noticed the man opposite her was smiling at her. She decided it was a little weird so she moved to another seat. This time, the man's smile turned to a grin. Feeling uneasy, she moved again. This time, the man seemed more amused. When the woman moved for the fourth time, the man burst out laughing. The woman, freaked out and complained to the bus driver and the he had the man arrested.

During court, the judge asked the man, in his 20's, what he had to say for himself.

The man replied, "Well, your honor, it went down like this. When the lady got on the bus, I couldn't help but notice her condition. She sat down under a sign that read, "The Double Mint Twins are coming", so I smiled. Then she moved and sat under a sign that read, "Logan's Liniment will reduce the swelling", so I grinned. Then she placed herself under a deodorant sign that read, "William's Big Stick did the trick", and I could hardly contain myself. Then, your honor, when she moved the fourth time and say under a sign that read, "Goodyear Rubber could have prevented this accident", I just lost it.

The case was dismissed.