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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Get Caught Cheating on Vodka with Veev

Veev Klout Perk
Cheat at your holiday party... cheat in a hotel... cheat with friends!
Veev may just be the mistress that'll get you to cheat on your vodka!
Hey there.  I'm fortunate enough that my Klout score is high enough to be able to score me some awesome perks.  ESPN stuffs, McDonald's stuffs, and discounts to various services.  But recently, I've been able to take part in a more mature perk.  A perk for those of us that enjoy a little vodka.  You see, vodka is my alcohol of choice.  When at a social gathering that is serving drinks, I tend to go for any drink involving Vodka.  Whether it be a screwdriver, vodka cranberry, or just vodka on the rocks... a vodka drink never seems to fail.  But the latest Klout Perk (free bottle of Veev) is asking me to cheat on vodka.  Wait... what?!  Cheat on a drink that has been there for me throughout the years?  I'm skeptical, but intrigued!  Veev is a perfectly balanced all natural spirit formulated with the perfect blend of acai berry and other natural ingredients.  Born in Brazil but handcrafted in America, Veev is a 70 proof premium spirit.  Essentially, it's the perfect mistress to be caught with when cheating on vodka!