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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Strike Against PIPA/SOPA. The Day the Internet Went on Strike.

Hey there.  Users of the internet are one of the most diverse groups to be ever found.  Angry users, funny users, serious users, working users.  Bloggers, journalists, game addcits, shopoholics... the list goes on and on. It would be amazing if something where to be able to bring this vast group to stand as one.  It's a task that would seem to be impossible.  Well... today... it happened.  Internet users and websites everywhere are taking a stand and striking against the proposed SOPA/PIPA bills that will soon be voted on by Congress.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Metallman is Looking Forward to 2012 and Giving Thanks

Hey there.  With the year almost over, I wanted to touch base on where I am headed and where this site is headed.  I've had my share of personal posts, which I wanted to do more of, and I've lagged it in the poetry department (sorry poetry enthusiasts!).  I've added my brother as a writer, which I hope he continues to produce content and I've passed through the gates of giveaway land.  That's really where I have made some decent traffic this year.  My giveaway posts have landed me thousands of pageviews and I'm grateful for it.  That's why I've decided to keep that going for as long as the site is up.  I've also added a game each month so instead of just one game being given away, I'm giving away 2 games.  I'm hoping that the increased pageviews will bring attention to other posts.  I lack comments on this site and I blame myself for it.  Maybe I need to change from using Disqus and try a different comment system.  I don't know just yet, but considering the size of Metallman's Reverie, I need to have a decent layout and a great comment system working.  All of that is looking to be changed in the coming year.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Metallman is Now a Part of the Joystick Division Team

Hey there.  I want to expand.  I want to have my name across all sorts of sites.  The problem that I came across was I was unorganized.  I didn't know how to cut up my time to be able to write for more than one site. Now, I'm come across a system that is working for me.  And because this system is now in place, I should be more active across all the sites that I currently write for.  And with that, I am glad to announce that I am now a part of the Joystick Division team!  Here's the story.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

JoyStick Division Sends Metallman an E3 Swag Box

Hey there.  I recently entered a contest at and was randomly chosen as the winner!  Hell yes!  I've been reading Joystick Division for quite some time and I know that they started having weekly giveaways.  One of the more recent type of giveaway is their "Mystery Box" giveaways, which are pretty awesome.  They'll put all kinds of random stuff in a box and you leave a comment saying you want it and take a stab at what's inside.  Many of the commentors have gone off the deep end and will leave some pretty crazy and funny comments and it's always a good laugh to see what they say.  Well, I ended up winning the latest mystery box and low and behold, the great haul that I have won!