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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Color Run was Freakin' Awesome

Hey there.  So yesterday was our first ever 5K.  I've wrote about it a few times before and if you don't know what The Color Run is, shame on you!  lol  If you don't know, I forgive you this time.  The Color Run is a short 5K run where you get splattered with paint after every kilometer.  We were a group of 4, but the kids went with us as well.  We found out that our youngest was able to run for free so my wife made him a number and pinned it to his shirt.  The older kids didn't miss out, though.  They didn't get a chance to run the 5K, poor planning on my part, but they did get a chance to join us at the finish line and be a part of the massive coloring celebration!  Enough talking!  On to the pics!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Color Run 2012

Hey there.  Guess who just signed up to do The Color Run in the city of Irvine this April?!?!  That's right!  This guy!  I told myself that I wanted to do some more running this year.  I started the year well by doing a good 5 mile run about 3 times a week but have kind of ventured off from that pass.  It's OK, though.  I'm still staying in shape and am squeezing a workout here and there.  But when I made that commitment to be in more shape this year, I told myself that running a 5K would be a goal.  That goal is now going to happen on April 22nd!!

If you guys haven't head of The Color Run, it's pretty damn cool.  It's not so much about speed but more about enjoying yourself.  You start off with a white colored shirt and at the 1K mark, you'll be splattered with paint.  By the time you reach the end, you'll be covered in colors!  Check out the video below of how much fun it can be!