Thursday, November 3, 2016

Planksgiving November Fitness Challenge

Planking Challenge

Hey there.  Thanksgiving is coming!  I LOVE Thanksgiving!  What I don't love is the extra poundage that comes with it.  But fear not, my friends!  I bring you a challenge that will keep that waist line in check and it will take no more than 3 minutes a day!  Enter, the Plankingiving Challenge.  This challenge comes from our good friends at ShrinkingJeans and it's a good one.  Planks are often over looked and they should be a staple to anyone's workouts.  By keeping up with this schedule, you should be able to build up to a 3 minute plank in no time!  3 minutes!!!

I'm up for the challenge.  When I used to plank regularly, I was able to just top the minute mark so I'm looking forward to smashing my personal best!  Hope you guys are too!  Later!

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